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Escaped Snakes Kill Pets in Cleethorpes

Snakes probably aren’t everybody’s idea of a good pet but they are a surprisingly popular choice. There are estimated to be over 300,000 pet snakes in the UK and anybody who has ever owned one will tell you that they are skilled and tenacious escapologists.

A Snake in a Wardrobe

I certainly know all about their talents as one of my little treasures once disappeared from its vivarium and evaded my attempts to find it for five days. I eventually came across the adolescent boa constrictor in my wardrobe! It was a great relief to recover my snake but I knew that it was on the loose and so I was expecting to stumble across it eventually. I am sure that it can be quite shocking to find a reptile when it is the last thing that you are expecting to see!

A Snake in a Rattery

Recently, a grandmother from Cleethorpes had a bit of shock when she discovered a snake in her rattery. The comparatively large reptile had bitten and killed two of Deana Peter’s pet rats. The snake then escaped from the rattery and hasn’t been seen since. It was obviously a clever snake to seek out such an abundant source of the right food!

An Act of Revenge

Mrs Peters was later discussing the incident with her neighbour at the local supermarket when she discovered a possible explanation for the presence of the snake on her property. She had been warning her neighbour about the snake because she feared for the safety of the woman’s dogs. The chap behind her in the queue then informed her about the actions of his friend.

Apparently, the friend in question had been evicted from his flat and had let his snakes out in an act of revenge against his landlord. The young man in the supermarket believed three of the snakes which were on the loose to be venomous. This is unlikely as few people have licenses to keep poisonous snakes but you never know if the animals were being kept illegally. The licensing team at the council have been informed of the story.

Mystery Snake

Unfortunately, the snake found by Mrs Peters could not be identified by experts from her vague description. She reported the snake as being around one metre in length and as having a girth of roughly 10 centimetres. The snake was evidently predominantly red but had a black head.

Local residents are being warned not to attempt to handle any snakes which they may come across and to report sightings to the RSPCA or the police. Are there really several snakes on the lose? Time will tell!


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