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Emotional Support Dogs Provide

There’s just something about snuggling up to a dog. When you are feeling down, cuddling up to your dog, stroking their fur, and feeling their affection can really help. You can cry your eyes out in front of your dog, and they won’t bat an eyelid, they might just feel a little upset on your behalf.

Dogs truly are amazing animals, and it’s often during the hardest times that we realise just how much they mean to us, and how important their presence is. If you are going through a tough time, you might not realise it at first, but your dog can really help you to overcome things and make life a little more bearable.

There’s a reason why canines are the chosen ones when it comes to helping us humans. Therapy dogs are proof that they can really make a difference. They can help people with depression and post traumatic stress disorder. It’s been shown that there are to owning a dog.

Here’s some was which Fido can help you get through hard times and life’s many struggles.

They don’t judge

Dogs don’t answer back to you, they don’t have anything to say that might upset you, and they don’t judge you. They are just there, as a shoulder to cry on or simply company when you don’t want any humans around.

Sometimes, we just need time by ourselves with our dogs, to get our head straight, and to let out some emotions. Of course many dogs don’t like it when we are upset, because they are so in tune with our emotions, but they just want to help make everything better.

You can share your deepest, darkest secrets with your dog in complete confidence. Sometimes it helps to have Fido to help get things off your chest. It’s nice knowing some things are just between you are your dog, and no one else. Dogs can lend an ear, even if they can’t verbally respond to you or tell you to do, they somehow still manage to make things seem better.

They can be therapeutic

It has actually been proven that having a dog can help those with depression and anxiety. Simply stroking your pooch releases endorphins and helps to lower your blood pressure, making you feel more relaxed.

A poll of 1,000 of the UK's seven million dog owners, conducted for dog food makers Winalot, showed 55% felt more relaxed after time with their dog, 44% were more optimistic and another 44% were less worried about life's everyday problems like job security and financial troubles.

So if you are feeling down, or you have had a tough day at work, don’t go on social media or watch TV, spend some time with your dog. Play with them, do some training with them or simply cuddle up on the sofa together.

They find ways to comfort you

Have you ever been crying or feeling really low, and your dog comes up to your to show that they get it? Dogs often go up to their sad owners and lend a paw. They will paw you, nuzzle up to you and maybe lick you as if they are saying ‘hey, I’m here, everything will be OK.’ When this happens, now matter how bad you feel, you can’t help but feel gratitude towards them and cheer up a little, even if only temporarily.

It’s the cutest thing. Plus it shows how loyal, caring and wonderful dogs really are. They don’t want to see their pack members sad or upset, so they do the only thing they can do to help, which is give you a bit of much needed affection.

They help you to keep going

When you own a dog, you take on a huge commitment. So, even if you are having personal issues or going through a difficult time, you still need to look after your pooch! It may seem hard to continue your routine, but having a dog helps you to carry on.

You still have to walk your dog every day, and this helps you to get out the house, get some fresh air and get some perspective. Maintaining a routine during difficult times can help you to continue to function and being around your dog certainly helps. Caring for your dog also gives you a sense of purpose, you feel like you are responsible for something and it makes you feel good.

They teach you to live in the moment

Dogs don’t dwell on things, as their memory isn’t the best. It’s well-known that pooches tend to live in the moment. They appear to live every moment to the full. Whether it’s a cuddle with their owner, a walk down the park, or fun with their doggy friends.

How does this help us during tough times? It shows us that we overthink things and we worry about stuff that doesn’t matter. We should take a page from our dog’s book and embrace life more, just as they do. Doggies often show us that despite what we might think, life is certainly worth living. It’s the little moments that count, and spending lots of time with your canine companion can help you to realise this.

They make you laugh

Sometimes, if you are having the worst day in the world, your dog can help turn things around. Dogs can do all sorts of silly and entertaining things, often when you least expect it. Watching Fido make a fool of himself can be just the medicine you need to feel better. Your dog might pull a funny face, do a hilarious trick or maybe even do something naughty that’s actually quite funny. When you live with a dog you just don’t know what they might do next to make you chuckle.


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