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Dry dog food

We all know that a healthy diet is crucial for all animals' health, however there are many debates as to whether dry dog food is better for your dog than wet food. When we initially think of dogs, we think of meat eating creatures, therefore giving the initial impression that feeding your dog proper meat is the most beneficial thing to do.

The truth is that all pet food for dogs, whether it is wet or dry, is produced and designed to provide all the essential ingredients that your dog needs, so ultimately it is down to preference, both by yourself and your dog.

Some key benefits of dry dog food are that it needs to be crunched and therefore strengthens your dog's teeth and gums. It can often be lower in fat than some wet dog food which helps in preventing obesity problems, which of course are a common concern for dog owners. Most dog food brands have undertaken extensive research, ensuring that most complete dry dog foods include the correct balance of protein, fibre, fat and nutrients to help keep your dog's health and weight under control.

There are also various types of products for different types and ages of dog. Puppies and senior dogs may need softer food for their teeth, however many brands have a wide range of dry food products to cater for specific dog's needs. If you cannot find a dry product for your particular dog’s requirements then dry food can be adapted to suit, such as be soaked in cool water to make it softer and easier for older dogs to digest, or even mixed with other food if your dog prefers a combination of wet and dry food.

There are not just benefits for your dog either. From an owner’s perspective, dry dog food is easy to store, does not have as strong a smell as some other products, can be left out for longer periods of time and can easily be bought in bulk which makes it extremely cost effective.


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