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Drunk Dog - Vets Issue Warning

For most, a chilled glass of Pinot Grigio or bottle of beer is the welcome signifier for what is either the end of a hard-working week or the beginning of a top night out. But whilst this may be just the tonic us humans need, the same can’t be said for our furry friends.

In a house where some of its residents are of the four-legged variety, it can be the case that the leftover remnants of a busy social evening are left out in plain view, or that cracking bottle of champers is left without a stop.

But vets have warned, that as the very nature of pets, particularly cats and dogs, tends to be that of inquisition, it’s vital to remember to the clearing up aspect of any alcohol consumption, as the consequences of not doing so can be critical. If any pets do go looking to take their next drink from the bottle, a small taste may be all that’s needed in order for them to become intoxicated.

As much as the name would imply, Advocaat is not a drink aimed for the pet world. Over the recent Christmas period, dog owner, Fiona Robson came home to to find her two pet pooches intoxicated next to a smashed bottle of the favourite festive drink, in the utility room.

Whilst both owners and pups can be forgiven for enjoying the taste of this sugary Brandy drink in this case, it was the second instance seen in a short space of time for Prince Bishop Veterinary Hospital in Leadgate, and a cause for concern.

Whilst instances such as the above are very unfortunate, The Veterinary Poisons Information Service (VPIS) investigated the rising problem of pets suffering from alcohol poisoning in 2015 and highlighted up to 26 occasions of our fuddled friends, with the worry that an equal number of cases could indeed go unreported.

Gudrun Ravetz, President of the British Veterinary Association, said: “If a pet has access to alcohol it can lead to several serious health issues, from a distressed and disorientated pet who does not understand what’s happening to them, to seizures and even respiratory failure. If owners suspect their pet has consumed alcohol they should contact their local vet immediately.”

With more and more people choosing quiet nights in than out these days, this message becomes that of even more value. And whilst the occasional slip-up can be the case in many households, rather disturbingly, there is an odd and alarming new trend to this phenomenon.

Some people are choosing to feed alcohol to their cuddly companions for Youtube views and social media hits. Far from being an entertaining view, this is a serious cause for concern as pets can’t control their intakes or withstand the effects in the same way as humans.

Many who believe that a pet suffering the same or similar implications of partaking in booze-filled activities is a funny occurrence but this really couldn’t be further from the truth. The call from vets around the country for much more awareness in relation to what our four-legged pals can and cannot tolerate is necessary for a happy and sober life.


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