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Although it may not seem like a priority, worming your dog is actually very important. If you want to get rid of any nasty parasites that have made their way into your dog’s system, then you need to give your dog regular Drontal worming tablets. They may not be the most glamorous item to buy for your beloved dog, but they are definitely an essential for pet owners.

Worms are pesky things, and they can exist in your dog’s body without you even knowing, because they often don’t cause any obvious symptoms.The last thing you would want is for fido to be suffering in silence, when a simple worming tablet could get rid of their discomfort. Humans can also get some types of worms, so it’s also important you keep up to date with your dog’s worming tablets to protect your family.

You can’t get any tablets that will stop your dog getting worms in the first place, but if your dog does get them, Drontal Wormers will help to quickly get rid of them. If you give your dog worming tablets such as Drontal Wormer every three months, they can reduce the risk of your dog getting worms and kill any that are present in their system.

About Drontal

Drontal are the market leaders when it comes to the treatment of parasites in cats and dogs. Their tablets and treatments have been clinically proven to treat intestinal worms in pets. With Drontal, you can be rest assured that your pooch is in safe hands.

You need to select the appropriate tablets for the size of your dog, as large dogs need stronger doses. Drontal tablets are available in tasty flavours so that your pooch is happy to consume them. These tablets target nasty parasites such as roundworms and tapeworms, which are commonly found in untreated dogs

Order pet medicines online

Did you know, you can get lots of medicines that you get from your vet online? It’s much cheaper to buy canine health products online rather than through your vet. Buy Drontal Wormers online and benefit from very low prices

Need to stock up on canine health supplies? We offer free delivery on all orders over £25, so it pays to order in bulk. Don’t leave your pooch uncomfortable or at risk of health problems due to internal parasites. Get Drontal Worming tablets online today with Time for Paws.


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