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Downing Street Cats - Political Animals

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The UK Government is facing extremely challenging times in the wake of the Brexit vote. There are many difficult issues to resolve and complex deals to negotiate in the coming months and years. In order to carry out their work, all governments require the best advisors and the right personal if they are to operate effectively. Those at the top are supported by an army of staff to ensure that the country is run with the utmost efficiency. The corridors of power are inhabited by some serious heavyweights whose performances have serious implications for the nation. Keeping Downing Street and Whitehall free of mice is a very serious matter indeed!

Power Struggle

It has been the battles for the leaderships of both the Labour party and the Conservative party which have dominated the news of late. But Theresa May’s victory and the continuing tribulations of Jeremy Corbyn are now being overshadowed by yet another power struggle - the battle between the Downing Street cats! Larry and Palmerston have fallen out! Larry, the resident cat at No 10, and Palmerston, the cat at the Foreign Office, are currently engaged in a battle for supremacy.

Battle Scars

Larry has recently received veterinary treatment after being spotted limping following a fight with Palmerston. Meanwhile Palmerston is missing some of his fur, presumably as a result of a set-to with Larry. The two mousers of Downing Street clearly do not get on and are battling it out for political supremacy. The cats have much in common with their owners.

The New Cat on the Block

To make matters worse there is now a new cat on the block. The Treasury has adopted Gladstone from the Battersea Home for Dogs and Cats. The cute black cat, named after former Prime Minister William Ewart Gladstone, is settling in nicely and could present a challenge to his neighbours Larry and Palmerston. The Chancellor of the Exchequer himself has tweeted about the importance of Gladstone’s arrival.

Aggrieved MPs

But it isn’t only the Downing Street cats who have a grievance. Gladstone’s arrival has sparked protests in Parliament. The nation’s seat of power does suffer from a mouse and rat problem and this has caused some MP’s to ask why the Houses of Parliament do not also have a resident feline. MP Stella Crosby has already tweeted that she is upset at the lack of a parliamentary cat and others have complained in the past. MPs have been asked to halt the mouse infestation by storing perishables in sealed containers. The signs displayed to this effect were defaced by one wag who wrote "get us a cat".

Moggie Power

Who would have thought that moggies could be such a contentious political issue? Cats are clearly a vital element of effective government and play a crucial role in the running of the country. Every government department should have one! Forget girl power and female Prime Ministers, it is cat power that really counts!


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