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Dogs That Voted The General Election

The election has been and gone but looking back, one of our favourite election related crazes has to be the dogs ‘voting’ at polling stations. Dog lovers united on social media by posting pictures of their dogs voting with catchphrases. This resulted in thousands of hilarious and adorable pictures being posted.

Despite everything else that was going on, it seems dogs were a popular topic on Twitter on election day.At least it got people interested in the election and it might have even encouraged a few extra people to vote.

We are pretty sure the dogs probably didn’t care much about voting, they just wanted a treat for sitting still and looking cute for a photo. Although owners obviously knew (hopefully) that their dogs were not allowed to vote, they still bought them along with them.

One of the main topics of conversation was whether voters were allowed to bring their dogs to vote with them. This then sparked a lot of sarcastic tweets and comical tweets about dogs voting in the election.

People even suggested what parties different breeds would vote for. People also joked about combining voting and their daily dog walk, helping them to kill two birds with one stone.

There were also comments about dogs making better political candidates than some of their human counterparts. This social media frenzy gave dog owners an excuse to do what they love, share pictures of their dogs.

Eventually, a hashtag was created in dedication to this craze #dogsatpollingstations. Did you take your dog with you to vote in the election?

are some pictures of dogs that were lucky enough to take a walk down to their local polling station and vote.


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