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Coping Strategies For Dogs That Are Scared Of Fireworks

For some dog owners, fireworks night is the most stressful night of the year. Owners with dogs that are terrified of fireworks dread the 5th of November every year. It’s not very nice to see your dog quivering in the corner of your lounge because they are petrified of the fireworks. The fact is, there are many dogs that are scared of fireworks, here are some ideas for coping.

Dogs don’t understand fireworks, all they hear is big scary noises and see alarming bright flashing lights. Whilst some dogs are completely fine and aren’t bothered at all, others become extremely distressed.

If your dog hates the fireworks then don’t worry, there are some things you can do to help. Here’s some ways to help them cope and things you can do to prepare for fireworks night.

Drown out the sound

Put some music on or keep your television on loud whilst the fireworks are going off. This should drown out the noise a little so that your dog won’t notice as much.

Close curtains, blinds and windows

Shut all curtains and blinds to block out the sound but also so that your dog can’t see the fireworks. Lots of bright flashes can startle them and make their anxiety even worse.

Calming products for dogs

If your dog really struggles on fireworks night, there are some calming products that can help them to relax a little. They help your dog to feel calmer which means they might be able to cope a bit better. You can get calming sprays, tablets, diffusers and collars. Click here to see our range of calming products for dogs.

Distraction techniques

You can try and keep your dog distracted through the night by getting out their favourite toys and playing with them. This will also help to tire them out and make them more relaxed. Click here to view our range of dog toys.

A safe place to hide

Create a safe haven somewhere in your home where your dog can go and hide away. Dogs feel safe tucked up in their beds, it’s a quiet place for them to go to that feels familiar. Make sure you place their bed in a quiet spot away from the window with some of their toys.

Plenty of exercise

Take your dog out on a long walk and give them plenty of exercise during the firework season. If they are exhausted they are less likely to act up and will have less nervous energy.

Find out about local displays

Check when all the local displays will be held so you can prepare in advance.


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