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Dogs In The News

Want to know what dogs are getting up to these days? We have rounded up some recent stories about dogs in the news. From $73,000 holidays to hero dogs and nursing tiger pups, there are certainly some interesting dog stories making the headlines at the moment. For all those adoring dog fans out there here are some fascinating, heartwarming and entertaining stories involving dogs.

Pug Nurses Abandoned Tiger Cubs

Two tiger cubs in Russia have been nursed by the unlikeliest of surrogate mothers, a pair of pugs. The tiger cubs have been using the pugs for milk, which will sustain them temporarily. Tiger milk has a completely different composition to dogs milk. This is not the first time that this has happened, dogs have taken care of kittens before. The dog simply needs to be lactating and have a good temperament. Take a look at the adorable pictures here

World’s Ugliest Dog Competition 2013

Who will take the crown from last year’s winner Mugly? Mugly, a Chinese Crested dog was the winner in 2012. This fascinating competition is due to take place on Friday the 21st June. The world’s ugliest dogs will gather in hope of winning the coveted title and $1500 prize money.

Guide Dog Saves Owner From Runaway Car

A wonderful labrador named O’neil has been in the news this week for saving it’s two trainers. O’neil was only in training but he was able to identify an out of control car and warn his handler by tugging at his lead. The handler then guides the dog and the other handler outof harms way and they are saved from a potentially life threatening incident. Check out the video here

Alsation Learns To Shut Door To Avoid Bath

This great story made it into the Daily Mail. A lot of dogs don’t particularly like having a bath, but this clever Alsatian has gone to extreme lengths to avoid his. As soon as he see’s his owner going towards the bath he goes back in his shed and shuts the door with his paw. Watch the amusing video here to see his reaction

$73,000 Holiday For Pampered Dogs

The Paw Seasons Luxury Dog Hotel has teamed up with to provide the ‘Most Spectacular Luxury Dog Holiday’. Most owners just drop their dog off at the kennels or arrange a dog sitter, but these pampered pooches will get a better holiday than most humans do. Some of the highlights of their holiday include private screenings of dog films, a personal chef, a running session with 400m hurdles World Champion Dai Greene, a designer wardrobe and a day with author and TV dog behavior expert Stan Rawlinson, the Doglistener. Check out some of the other perks here:


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