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Dogs In Snow - Funny Things They Do In The Snow

It’s cold, it’s soft and it gets all over their faces. Dogs get super excited whenever they are around snow, like it’s one gigantic toy to play with. While some breeds were made for the snow, like huskies and snowhounds, other breeds need to be carefully wrapped up in warm winter and boots. But there’s one thing they all dogs in common: they all do funny things in the snow.

  1. Frolic

If you’ve ever seen a dog seeing snow for the first time, you’ll be familiar with the crazy snow frolic. The freezing snow gives dogs excess energy as they try to keep warm. That’s why they jump up and down like wild ferrets whenever they see the white stuff.

  1. Wear adorable winter coats and boots

If you have a toy or short-haired breed, donning a fashionable pair of boots and a winter jacket can be essential for letting your dog out in the snow. Dogs look super cute in mitten boots and , looking like little humans exploring the snow.

  1. Bury their heads in the snow

Whether it’s for the sheer joy of the sensation or because they want to shovel down as much snow as possible, dogs love to bury their head in the snow. The best part? When they look up and they have the most snowdorable snow beards on their faces.

  1. Chase snow flakes

When your pooch first sees snow they might not know what’s happening. Some dogs like to chase snowflakes all over the place, especially when they start to get really big. It’s quite funny to watch and most dogs eventually realise they can’t actually ‘catch the snow’, as it quickly disappears.

  1. Roll around in it

Perhaps it’s the way it feels on their fur or because it’s soft, but many dogs love to roll around in the snow, turning their bellies up to the sky and doggy-paddling the air. How liberating it would be to be a dog in the snow!

  1. Try to eat the snow as it falls

Dogs love to eat whatever they can get their snouts on. That’s why snow is like manna from heaven. Snow moves, quenches their thirst and it’s like a game to play - can there be a better combination?

  1. Sledge down the snow

Just like kids, some dogs love to slide down snowy hills as if they’re sledding. They start at the top of the hill, roll to the bottom and then gander up the hill to do the whole thing again. The sheer joy in their faces is priceless.

As much as dogs love snow, it’s important to keep your walks short and time outside limited. If you have a small breed, they may not be able to withstand the cold anymore than you can, so make sure they’re wrapped up warm and always look for signs that your dog is happy.


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