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Dogs Have Got Talent

Last week I attended the Britain’s Got Talent auditions at the London Palladium. You never know what you are going to see at these auditions. You can be lucky enough to witness a Susan Boyle moment but you can find yourself treated to a succession of uninspired and unprofessional acts. Unfortunately, on this occasion, the talent was in short supply.

Canine Capers

But after several less than inspiring performances, it was the dogs who saved the day. Not that any of the cute canines concerned are likely to end up winning the show because the stand-out stars of the afternoon were the judge’s dogs!

Motley Crew

The afternoon began with the usual singers, magicians and dance troops who all managed to be incredibly average. Just when I was thinking that a dog act would liven up proceedings, I heard a loud bark emanating from behind the stage. Hoorah! A little dog then appeared with its owner and managed a passable, if unremarkable routine. How disappointing! But there was more!

Doggy Yoga

The next act was a lady who teaches doga. If you haven’t heard of this, and I can’t imagine that many people have, it is the art of practicing yoga whilst holding your dog (yawn!). It has to be said that doga isn’t at all entertaining and it certainly requires absolutely no talent whatsoever. But the judges were invited to take part and it transpired that Simon Cowell, David Walliams and Amanda Holden had all brought their dogs to the theatre as had Ant and Dec.

An Accidental Star

The judges took to the stage with their pooches ready for a spot of doga. They removed their shoes and then stepped onto their mats ready to assume the required position. Whilst most of the audience were busy admiring Amanda Holden’s cute puppy Buddy, Ant McPartlin’s Labrador decided to pee in David Walliam’s shoes! This was, by a street, the most entertaining moment of the entire show.

Canine Chaos

Chaos ensued as all the dogs started milling around and Mr Walliams was forced to rescue his footwear before chocolate Labrador Hurley could wee in it again. Hurley obviously has a huge talent for humour!

Golden Buzzer

I have no idea if this episode will be shown when the series is broadcast later in the year, but I suspect that it will be. If the other sessions were as low on talent as the one that I attended, Hurley could easily end up being declared the winner. Someone should have pressed the golden buzzer and put him through to the semi-finals!

You can always count on the dogs to save the day!


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