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Dogs Can Detect Prostate Cancer

Dogs can do some pretty amazing things, from search and rescue to detecting medical issues and saving lives. We have trained dogs to do a variety of different jobs that help us humans out. New research has now found that dogs can detect prostate cancer in urine in 98% of cases. That’s a very impressive achievement and something that could have the potential to save thousands of lives.

Dr Claire Guest, the found of Medical Detection Dogs commented. ‘It is particularly exciting that we have such a high success rate in the detection of prostate cancer, for which the existing tests are woefully inadequate.’ This is wonderful news, considering prostate cancer is the most common type of cancer in men in the UK. Over 40,000 cases are diagnosed every year.

It also could mean that men don’t have to go through invasive tests, instead they can have their urine tested by getting a dog to see if they can detect cancer. Guest also said that ‘The detection dogs provide an alternative solution that yields consistently accurate results. If our detection dogs were a machine, there would be huge demand for them.’

Two German Shepherds took part in the research which was carried out at the Department of Urology at the Humanitas Clinical Research Centre in Milan. They were given the task of sniffing the urine of 900 men, 360 of these men had prostate cancer and 540 did not have the disease. The dogs proved to be very successful at correctly identifying prostate cancer in men. One of the dogs spotted the cancer in 98.7% of cases and the other in 97.6% of cases.

The reasons why dogs are able to do this is because of their amazing sense of smell. Scientists claim they can identify specific volatile organic compounds of prostate cancer in urine. This is just another amazing thing that man’s best friend can do for us. Other cancers that dogs have been able to detect include thyroid and breast cancer. To find out more about how dogs can help people with certain medical conditions,


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