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Dogs Breeds For Lazy People

There’s no doubt about it, dogs can be hard work! Many breeds require a copious amount of exercise and some need intensive grooming. So, what do you do if you don’t like exercise and don’t enjoy grooming? Does being a little on the lazy side rule dogs out of your life?
If you are looking for a low-maintenance pooch, which breeds would be the best option?

Be careful about Couch Potatoes

Just because a dog likes lounging around, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be easy to care for. A couch potato might seem like a great choice but a lazy pet might not be such a great idea if it has a thick or shaggy coat. Take the Skye terrier, a breed which scores highly in the couch potato stakes but which boasts a long, shaggy coat that takes time and money to maintain. Dogs which shed will also significantly increase the time you spend on housework as all those hairs will get everywhere!

Independent Dogs

Some breeds tend to be more self-sufficient than others. Dogs bred for working can focus on the task at hand and don’t need so much attention from you. On the face of it, they could make good pets for the idle but that is rarely the case. Breeds like working cocker spaniels have enormous energy reserves and tend to be stubborn. They may not be the easiest housemates!

The Right Attributes

If you are a lazy dog lover, you should look for a low-energy pooch which is easy to train and possesses a short coat. These requirements rather restrict your choices but there are breeds which tick every box. If you would prefer a small dog, a pug, Chihuahua, Cavalier King Charles spaniel or French bulldog would be an excellent choice.

If a larger pooch appeals, consider offering a home to an English bulldog, a Bassett hound, or a bull mastiff. All of these dogs enjoy lounging around and won’t require much grooming. Surprisingly, a greyhound could also fit the bill. Greyhounds are fast but they also tend to be quite idle and to enjoy cuddling up to their owners on the sofa.

Lazy Dogs are still Demanding

Low-maintenance doesn’t mean no-maintenance. All dogs require attention and will take up a significant portion of your time. A Bassett hound may not require 10-mile walks every day but it will need affection, feeding and the occasional grooming session. All dogs will need to be taken to the see a vet occasionally. Any dog could become serious ill or develop a condition which places a greater demand on your time.

Dogs are Individuals

There are no guarantees with any breed. Every dog is an individual with its own personality which could prove to be at variance with what you would expect from the breed. Most bull mastiffs are pretty idle but you can’t rule out a rogue puppy with turbo tendencies! If it is essential that you dog is as idle as you are, choose an adult pooch so you can be sure what you are getting yourself into.



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