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Dogs And Fireworks

Remember remember the 5th of November. A lot of dog owners will remember bonfire night because it’s a very difficult day for their dog. It’s sensible to get your dog and your home ready for the 5th of November. You can do a few things in advance to help makes things easier for you and your dog. Here are some things you can do when preparing a dog for bonfire night.

Prepare yourself

You need to try and stay calm in the build up to bonfire night. Many owners get very anxious because they are worried about how their dog is going to cope. It’s important not to get too anxious yourself, as your dog will pick up on this and become more stressed out. So the first thing you need to do is stay calm.

Close the windows and curtains

Make sure you close your curtains, blinds and windows on fireworks night to try and block out the sound. Your dog also won’t be able to see flashing lights which could also worry them. Remember that people often set off fireworks a few days before and after the 5th, so you might want to do the same on these days too.

Take your dog out for long walks

During fireworks seasons, make sure you take your dog out for a long walk every day. Try and provide them with lots of exercise and mental stimulation. If they are tired and don’t have much energy they will less hyperactive and less likely to get worked up.

Leave the Television or radio on during the fireworks

This is another way of drowning out the noise, it’s also quite soothing for your dog which will help to calm them down. If you do need to go out, leave your dog at home with some music on to comfort them.

Get toys out and plan games to play with your dog

If you can keep your dog distracted during the fireworks, they will be less startled by the noises. Get some of their toys out ready to play with and plan a few games you can play with them to keep their mind busy. This will also help them to get rid of any nervous energy.

Prepare a safe haven for your dog

In the run up to bonfire night, prepare an area in your home where your dog can go to feel safe. This could be their bed, a crate or a comfy sofa they can snuggle up on. Make sure it is away from windows and doors and in a quiet area.

Find out when local fireworks displays will be taking place

It’s useful to know exactly what dates local fireworks displays will be on. These tend to the loudest and the longest fireworks. If you know when they are going to be you can make sure you are at home with your dog, doing everything you can to comfort them. You might also want to ask your neighbours to find out if any of the houses near you are planning to set off fireworks.


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