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Doggy Holiday Tips

After a year of scrimping, saving and cutting back on the purse strings there’s no better feeling than pulling out of the driveway and heading off for a week of two of sunshine. Whether you choose to remain within the glorious borders of the United Kingdom or head off towards warmer climates, there’s one particular member of the family who often gets left behind; whether they are left with family members or neighbours, there is no denying that the pets of the United Kingdom often go without.

Thinking of going abroad?

Taking your dog on holiday is now much easier than it was say twenty or thirty years ago; with the development of vaccines and canine medical care, the rules for taking your four-legged friend on holiday has become much more relaxed. To take your dog abroad you will need what is known as a ‘pet passport’. To gain your furball with a pet passport there are a certain few things that need to be done beforehand.

1.Your dog will need to be microchipped before doing anything else in regards to getting your pet a passport.

2.Once your pet has been chipped, it is now just as important to get him or her vaccinated against rabies – this is as much as a necessity as getting them chipped and a dog that has not been vaccinated will not receive a passport. Once the pet is vaccinated, it must not leave the borders of the United Kingdom for another twenty-one days.

3.Your dog is now able to get the passport, though if you are travelling to a non-EU country you will need an official certification from the country that you are travelling to.

4.Before re-entering the country you dog must also have received treatment for tapeworm (a treatment that must therefore be administered before you leave). This must be done by a veterinarian and no less than twenty four hours before you leave.

5.Before you leave you must also make sure that you are travelling with an approved transport company on an authorised route, meaning that whilst travelling to or from a country, your pet does not pass through any country outside of the EU.

If you are planning to take your chap to a non listed country, you will have to arrange a blood test to make sure that the rabies vaccine has taken affect and should be done no later than thirty days after the vaccination.

Where to go in the UK?

Of course, if you are unwilling to go through with all the needles and yelping, there is absolutely no reason that you can’t enjoy taking your dog on holiday within the beautiful boundaries of the United Kingdom. All over the coast and throughout the glades and greens of this country, there are cottages, holiday parks and hotels where you and your dog would be made most welcome.

·The Bideford Bay Holiday Park in Devon is a prime and beautiful example of a holiday park where you are able to take your dog for his or her jollies. Run by Park Resorts, all dogs are welcome in the Bronze Accommodation at the price of £50 a week for your dog.

·If you wish to travel to the northern regions of the United Kingdom however, there are holiday parks like the Pease Bay Leisure Park in Cockburnspath in Scotland where family dogs are welcome to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Scottish coast.

These are just two examples of fantastic holidays that offer pets an opportunity to enjoy the summertime with you. Throughout the width of the country there are many more places where the whole family can enjoy time together and these can be found and reviewed through the simplicity of Google.


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