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Dog Travel Sickness - How To Help

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If you think your dog has travel sickness the first thing you need to do is figure out why. Many owners assume that their dogs have travel sickness when in reality they are simply stressed and nervous. Some dogs are scared of travelling in the car and may be sick because of fear.

If your dog is fearful of travelling in the car you need to help them realise that being in a car isn’t such a scary experience. Lure them closer to the car with Treats so they associate it with something positive. Take them on short journeys to start off with until they get more confidence. You can also give them or put an on them while they are in the car, this should help to reduce their stress levels.

If your dog isn’t scared of travelling in the car and is still sick whilst travelling then there are a few things you can do. You can get travel sickness tablets for dogs that can help to reduce the nausea that they are feeling. Give them some travel sickness tablets before taking them anywhere in the car.

Make sure they are as comfortable as possible and that they have access to water. You can get special travel bottles and for the car. Motion sickness is a lot more common with puppies because their bodies have not got used to travelling in a car. If you have a young puppy that is experiencing travel sickness give them time, you may see an improvement as they get older.

Try and get your dog to face forwards while they are travelling. Make sure they can see out of the window in front of them. Have the windows open a little to allow some fresh air in and try and keep your car cool. Dogs will feel more uncomfortable if they become hot and bothered in the car.

Taking your dog on short car rides to some of their favourite places can also help, especially if they are nervous of the car. They might begin to associate going in the car with going on their favourite walk.

Avoid giving your Dog Food within a few hours of going in the car and make sure they have had a chance to go to the toilet. If you know your dog suffers from car sickness then consider the way you are driving. Try and drive as smoothly as possible and avoid going too fast around corners or on particularly bumpy roads.

If your dog continues to get really bad car sickness then consult your vet for further advice.


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