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Dog travel by car

Dogs are more than just a pet, they are part of the family, and as such will like to accompany you on as many of your travels as possible. Although it can be easy to treat your dog like a human in a lot of instances, in the case of transportation it is important to remember that dogs have different needs to humans.

The majority of travel is done via car and is ideal for taking your dog to the countryside for walks or for visiting family. The crucial thing dogs need is fresh air. A dog gets a lot hotter than a human and can suffer badly and become dehydrated if they get too warm. If there is a passenger available to sit in the back seat, then have your dog in the back seat with them and wind the window down a couple of inches. Guards are available to put over the window so you can safely and confidently have the window partially open without fear of your dog jumping out. It is also recommended to buy pet products such as a harness which attaches to the seat belt to restrict your dog from roaming around the rest of the car.

The other vital ingredient is fresh water. Dog bowls can be taken and your dog given water at interval stops throughout the journey. However, to make the journey even easier, there are now non-spill bowls available, such as the Road Refresher. These work by only allowing the amount of water your dog needs and will not allow any spillages, meaning your dog can cleanly and safely have a constant supply of fresh water throughout the entire journey.

Remember to still make regular stops to allow your dog out of the car, and for the protection of your car take a rug and antibacterial wipes for muddy paws on the way home.


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