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Dog Training Products

Although many of us may not realise, there are a wide range of dog products available to purchase. For instance, aside of the usual dog products which includes Toys and collars, there are also specifically designated products, such as items for grooming, dog bedding.

Dog training products are designed to make the ownership of a dog more straight forward. They become even more useful if you are an inexperienced dog owner as it can be difficult to know which products are necessary and worth the purchase.

Here is a quick overview of five types of dog training products that are worth buying for you and your new best friend:

1. Stop Pulling – Dog Harness:

This is the ideal solution to prevent your dog from pulling on the lead. A good Harnesses will have padding on it which helps to reduce any chaffing and rubbing. The harness helps to reduce your dog’s unease about being on a lead. You will find that you have more control over the speed at which you are walking and also the direction in which you are travelling. Additionally, the harness helps to improve your balance and reduce stress on your back, hands, arms and joints.

2. Barking Prevention:

No Bark Dog Collar: These Collars are used to prevent unnecessary barking and send a shock when a dog begins to bark. The collar is activated by vibration, an ultrasonic noise or a spray (water, air, lemon or citronella).

Pet Corrector: This device releases a gas which imitates a ‘hiss’ sound and disrupts any unwanted behaviour. The hiss sound repels predators and dogs amongst other species (insects, birds and snakes) are sensitive to the sound.

3. Dog Recall:

Whistle: A whistle can be a great starting point for training a dog. There are a variety of whistles you can choose from including silent whistles, two tone whistles and whistles which include a clicker.

Nylon Tracking: A strong, durable lead specifically designed for training a dog in a wider space. Also, this is a perfect device to enable guarded socialisation for young dogs and puppies.

4. Dog Retrieval:

These products are designed to teach your dog how to retrieve, help to clean your dog’s teeth and are chewable. Look for products which are durable, hardwearing and also float in water. Many dog owners combine using these products with dog treats for good behaviour.

5. Dog Agility:

Agility Tunnel: A tube through which a dog can run. An entertaining product which the majority of dogs enjoy. The tunnel can be configured in a straight line or in curves.

Agility Weave Poles: A challenging piece of equipment to master which requires both proficiency and agility. The dog needs to begin with the first pole to its left and weave through the poles without skipping any poles.

Agility Jump: A crucial part of an agility course which consists of two upright pieces which support a horizontal piece. The jump enables you to teach your dog various exercises. The majority of jumps are also height adjustable.


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