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Dog Toys your Dog will Love

Bored dog? Grab these dog toys and get their tails wagging!

Just like us humans, dogs can get bored from time to time. Unfortunately whilst we may just turn on the TV or grab a book; your dog might choose to entertain themselves by ripping apart the sofa or perhaps chewing up all your shoes.

Bored dogs can be naughty dogs and this is why it is important to ensure that they are stimulated. Of course you cannot always be there to play with, so one of the best ways to entertain your pooch is to ensure that they have a variety of dog toys on hand for when they feel bored!

As an owner you might wonder which toy is best for your dog; perhaps you are looking for one that is ideal for chewing, one that they can play with alone or even one that you can enjoy together. To help you make a decision on which dog toys are right for your dog, here at Time for Paws we have put together some of the different dog toys there are out there and just what makes them so appealing to our pooches.

Chew dog toys

One of the most popular types of toys that people purchase for their dogs has to be chew dog toys.

They come in a variety of sizes and shapes; and many of them even come in different flavours too!

Chew toys are a great choice because not only do they stop your dog from chewing on your precious sofa, but it also helps to clean their teeth too and healthy teeth are vital for a healthy dog.

Stuffed animals

Stuffed animals are a popular choice for dog owners to give to their dogs, especially for puppies.

Dogs will throw a stuffed toy around, sleep cuddled up to them and of course chew them and whilst they do make great toys they can have their own hazards.

The materials within a stuffed toy can be hazardous to your dog and should never be ingested. If your dog is chewing and ripping apart a stuffed toy then you may want to re-think whether or not you give them these in the future.

Rope dog toys

Playing with your dog is great fun and one of the best ways to do this is with a rope toy. Rope toys are not only suitable for chewing but they are also ideal for tug of war, one of a dog’s favourite games to play.

Rope toys come in a variety of thickness, lengths and colours and some even feature other toys so that you can get multiple ways to play.

One word of warning is to ensure that any bits ripped off of the rope by your dog goes into the bin so that they don’t eat it!


There doesn’t seem to be a dog around who doesn’t love catching a ball. Whether it is a tennis ball or perhaps even a football; chasing these bags of air around a park is one of the greatest pleasures a dog can have.

Make sure that you pick a ball that is the right size for your dog; too small and they can swallow it, too large and they might lose interest when they realise that they can’t pick it up.

For the more proficient ball catchers out there you can buy ball throwers which will not only help you to throw further but also stops you having to pick up a wet, slobbery ball during play time!

Remember when it comes to choosing a dog toy it is important to keep safety in mind as well as fun. Check over the toy before you give it to your dog and always pick one that is suitable for the size and age of your pooch!


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