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Dog toys and exercise

There are numerous ways in which exercise is of benefit to your dog. It keeps their joints supple, reduces body fat and enhances mood. However sometimes exercise can seem boring, for both the dog and owner. This is where dog toys come in.

Exercising is vitally important for all animals. Domestic dogs enjoy a very nice existence; they get lots of food, a nice warm place to sleep and protection. However it is important that exercise needs to be maintained. Your dog will be at their happiest when they are in peak physical condition. This means not carrying around lots of extra weight.

In order to make sure that your dog keeps the weight off, there are various dog toys on the market which can aid this task. In terms of exercise, nothing beats a nice long walk; however this can get a little boring sometimes. There are toys such as various 'fetch' dog toys and 'retrieval' toys on the market. These are great to take with you on long walks. There are also other 'tug' dog toys and chewy toys which are great when used indoors. These not only keep your dog active, they also provide mental stimulation too.

The added benefit of is the fact that many can help improve oral hygiene also.

The best way to use dog toys is to make sure your dog is getting time to play with them each and every day. If you take the toys to your dog and just let them chase them, chew on them, bark at them, play tug of war with them and generally have fun. After they have finished playing with their toy, it is usually a good idea to take it away so they don't lose there appeal too quickly. It is also very important to monitor your dog whenever they play with dog toys, just in case your dog tries to swallow them or starts to choke.


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