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Dog Safety Products

As well as treats and toys there are also some extremely useful safety products you can get for your dog. As a dog owner you will need a few essential items to help keep your dog as safe as possible. Not all dogs need all the safety products mentioned below, it depends on what type of dog you have and your own personal preferences. Here are some of our most popular dog safety products.

High Vis Jacket

Make sure your dog can be seen by getting them a high vis jacket. If you are walking in places that aren’t well lit or where cars are around then pop a high vis jacket on your dog. This will make them much easier to see and give them some protection from the cold.

Training Lead

Although a training lead might not seem like a safety product, it is very useful if your dog needs to be recall trained. Recall is such an important command for dogs to learn. If there is danger or you need to get your dog back quickly they should be able to come on command. Get a training lead to help with recall training and get your pup ready to be let off the lead.

K9 Lights

Do you walk your dog in poor lighting, or sometimes in the night time? A K9 lights collar is a reflective, flashing collar that will make your dog easy to spot in the dark. You will be able to see your dog from over 300 metres away. The collar also has special LED flashing lights for extra visibility.

Ancol Reflective Collars

These reflective dog collars are suitable for everyday use. They look like a normal collar but they have a reflective bone and paw print pattern on them that can be seen when out walking at night.


Muzzles are a safety product to protect other dogs. If your dog doesn’t get on with other dogs then make sure you muzzle them to prevent any accidents. You can get all sorts of muzzles in different shapes and sizes to suit your dog’s needs. View our range of muzzles here

Winter Dog Coats

When it’s wet and freezing cold in winter some dogs can really struggle with the cold temperatures. Protect your dog and keep them nice and cosy throughout winter by getting them a warm winter coat. You can view our dog coats here


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