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Dog Recall Training - Games To Help Improve Recall

For some owners, recall can be a very frustrating issue. When a dog is out on a walk and engaged in their environment they can be easily distracted. The smells and other things going on are far more interesting than the owner. Dogs need to find you more interesting than what they are doing. One of the best ways to improve recall is to play games with your dog. You can play lots of simple games at home and while you are in a secure area to help reinforce recall. Here are some suggestions to get you started.

Hide and seek game

You can play this game at home or out on walks once your dog gets better at it. Simply hide from your dog and then let them come and find you. When they find you reward them with verbal praise, or treats. You can start by hiding at home and then calling your dog and then when they get the idea try the game without calling them.

Come and get the toy game

If your dog loves to play with toys then you can use them as recall rewards. Ask your dog to come and when they do give them their toy and play with them. Tug of war can be great as your dog gets a thrilling game of tug of war as their reward for coming on demand.

Throw the game

Throw the treat is quite a good game to play if you don’t have much space. You can simply stand in your lounge and throw a treat, let your dog go and get it and then call them to come back to you. Then you throw another treat in the opposite direction. It gets your dog used to coming back to you on command. Once they get really good at it you can try it in a secure outdoor area where there are more distractions and see how they get on.

Responding to a whistle game

Some dogs respond really well to the sound of a whistle. If you are out on a walk and your dog wanders far away from you there’s a chance you might not be able to shout loud enough. Having a whistle means you don’t have to shout and your dog begins to understand that the whistle means they must return to you.

Run away game

This one involves a bit of exercise on your part. Run about 15 metres away from your dog, when you get to about 10 metres call them. They should then sprint towards you, when they get close to you throw a treat out and then run back in the other direction and do the same again. This reinforces your bond and helps to improve recall. It’s also lots of fun for your dog and will help them to burn some energy.


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