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Dog Products You Can’t Live Without

For dog owners there are certain products that you simply can’t live without. These are either products that your dog needs to have or products that help you as a dog owner. If you are thinking of getting a dog then these are some of the things you might want to invest in before your new dog arrives. Dog owners will also need to regularly replace some of these products and add some more helpful products to their collection. Here are some dog products you can’t live without.

Dog Bowl

Your dog needs something to eat and drink from, and there are plenty of dog bowls to choose from. You can use something else temporarily but it may not be as nice and as practical as a reliable dog bowl. You can view our range of dog bowls, feeders and drinkers here

Dog Bed

You don’t have to have a dog bed but it is an essential for most dog owners. Beds give your dog a safe place they can go to when they want to have some quiet time. They also love to snuggle up in a nice warm cosy bed dog bed .

Dirty Paws Matt

We have all had the experience where you have come back from a walk and your dog walks their muddy paws through your entire house. Even if you do clean their feet before they go in the house your carpet will still get worn and dirty over time. Dog mats and runners are excellent because they stop your dog getting the carpet dirty, instead, as soon as they walk in the door they walk straight onto the matt.

Car Harness

It’s important that your dog is restrained safely whilst travelling. If you don’t put your dog in a or use a then they will need to wear a car safety harness like this

Dog Shampoo

When your dog comes back covered in mud, or worse after a long walk you will probably want to give them a good wash. It’s always useful to have a good shampoo on hand to clean them and make them smell fresh again. is an excellent choice for really dirty dogs.

Collar and Lead

Your dog is required to wear an identification tag and collar when in public by law. A Collars and leads are the most basic pieces of canine equipment that you definitely won’t be able to function without.

Poo Bags

Whenever you are out in public with your dog you should always have dog poop bags . Having hundreds of poo bags to hand is definitely an essential for responsible dog owners.


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