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Dog Poo Debate - stick it and flick it or bag it?

If you thought it was as simple as 'scoop it, bag it, bin it, there’s a whole new dog poo debate in town ready for all to shake a stick at.

According to new advice from the Forestry Commission, bagging up your pooch’s poo will no longer cut it in some parts of the countryside and St Albans Conservative MP/proud Jack Russell owner, Anne Main is at the forefront of the campaign for owners to take a more natural approach.

The issue, Mrs Main states, isn’t with owners taking plastic to tackle their dogs natural urges, it’s more what they choose to do with it in the absence of a designated bin. As she states “Like many people, I like to walk my dog out in the countryside, parks and in woodland, but over the last few years I’ve noticed an increasing number of dog poo bags hanging off bushes, trees and railings – and it’s disgusting,”

It’s easy to see where the argument gathers support, particularly where the pollution of the environment comes into concern, however it appears as though guidelines need to be stipulated in terms of what to actually do in this bin-less situation, to make sure all owners are pulling together in the same direction. Indeed, the £100 on the spot fine introduced in 2015 was due to owners not bagging their pets poop and so a balance must be found.

And Mrs Main agrees “We have to work with human nature,” she said. “People are not going to carry a dollop of dog poo on a three hour walk – and you are not going to find a bin in Ashdown Forest.” Further to environmental issues, there are factors to take into consideration such as animal and child interference through their own natural inquisitiveness, which could lead to hazardous outcomes, not to mention the inconvenience caused for cyclists, whose wheels will likely tear through the discarded bags.

As the Forestry Commission have dared to put out there, proud pooch parents should adopt a ‘stick and flick’ approach to their pet’s waste. Essentially, you find some poo, you grab a stick, and then you flick it into the undergrowth. They’ve even gone one step further by way of creating a punchy poem to encourage owners to adopt this method. It includes the lines “If your dog should make a mess, there really is no need to stress. Find a stick, pick a spot, flick into the bushes so it can rot. Who doesn’t enjoy a rhyme?

Mrs Main even went as far as to recite the poem, in all of its catchy glory to conclude her stance in the hour long debate, as well as adding that she would be putting forward a ‘Pragmatic Poo Strategy to ensure families can still enjoy their woodland walks, leaving no room for sitting on the fence. What do you guys think? We’re intrigued to find out...


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