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Dog Obesity - 5 Common Mistakes You're Making

Has your dog put on a lot of weight and you just can’t figure out why? If you look closer at their lifestyle you will find the answers. The chances are you are probably feeding them too much without even realising it.

Obesity can significantly reduce your dog’s lifespan, sometimes by up to two years. It also leaves your dog feeling very uncomfortable and cause a wide range of different health issues. If your dog is putting on weight you need to do something about it before it causes serious risks to their health. Here are 7 common mistakes that lead to canine obesity.

  1. Overfeeding

The first and most obvious answer is that you are generally feeding your dog too much. Don’t just think about their daily meals of , consider all the food and treats you are giving them. That includes leftovers, chews and treats. These should all be factored into your dog’s daily food allowance.

  1. Portion control

One of the main causes of canine obesity is that owners aren’t feeding their dogs the correct amount. Have a look at the instructions on their dog food and make sure you are feeding them the guideline daily amount. Don’t just guess by giving them one or two handfuls, take the time to measure out their food properly.

  1. Not enough exercise

If your dog isn’t getting enough exercise then they will put on weight very quickly. Provide your dog with the right amount of daily exercise for their age, breed and size. Activities that can help your dog to lose weight include things like agility, cani X and flyball. Playing with your dog and letting them run freely in your garden can also help to keep them at a health weight.

  1. Too much leftover human food

Many owners make the mistake of giving their dog far too much human leftovers. Many humans foods that people regularly feed their dogs are not suitable for them. For example, gravy has a very high salt content which is bad for dogs. Keep an eye on how much leftover human food you are giving them and make sure it is only healthy foods.

  1. Too many

We all love our dogs and one of the ways we show our affection is by giving them lots of tasty Dog Treats. Treats should be included in your dog’s daily food allowance. It’s so easy to give them too many treats because we want to spoil our dogs. If your dog is piling on the pounds then try and buy them some nutritious, healthy treats and give them out sparingly.


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