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Dog Names - How To Choose

Choosing a name for your pet can be very difficult. There are so many names to choose from that it’s hard to know where to start. If you want to find a name that really suits your pet then there are a few different ways of doing this. You can be a bit more creative with pets names than with human names, so don’t be afraid of choosing something different. We have come up with some methods you can use to choose a name for your pet.



Is your pet a specific colour that really stands out? For example, naming a black pet ebony or jet or a brown pet chocolate or mocha. If you really love your pets colouring then choose a name that relates to their colour.



This is a really great way to name your pet because it will be a name that is unique and special to them. Names based on temperament include things like sparky, bouncer, spirit and bandit. You don’t always have to name your pet straight away, wait a few days to let their personality come out so you can choose a suitable name.


Distinctive markings and physical characteristics

Does your pet have any distinctive markings? If there is something about your pet that really catches your eye then you can name them after it. Examples of names based on distinctive markings and physical characteristics include patch, dot, tiny, bolt, racer and stripy.



When was your pet born? If you know their date of birth you might want to name them after the season they were born in. Did anything interesting happen on the day they were born? Naming pets after seasons is quite popular, examples include summer, snowy and sunny.



Are there any celebrities that you particularly love? Would your pet suit their name? Some pets are named after famous celebrities such as Elvis and Jackson.


Famous animals

It’s quite nice to name your pet after a famous animal. This can be a fictional animal, a famous racing animal or simply an animal that has become famous through television or film.


Your pet's journey

Has your pet had a particularly interesting journey in life? Have them come through tough times? Many owners of rescue animals will name their pets based on their special stories or things they have overcome.


Human names

You can always just choose a popular human name for your pet. Try out a few human names and see if your pet suits any. Some human names can work well for pets whereas others sound very strange.


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