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Dog Health And Care Tips

As a dedicated dog lover, you’ll understand that your dog is at his happiest when he’s at his healthiest. And there are various ways in which you can ensure the absolute best for your pal’s wellbeing and care.

Find out just how to keep your pooch happy and healthy with these top 5 tips.

It’s all about exercise

You know the drill. Fido’s ears prick up at the mere mention of his next walkies. Pining and looking lovingly at the door, as if the entrance to Narnia is on the other side. And to him it probably is. Exercise keeps your pooch happy and well, and it’s crucial to make sure your four-legged friend is being exercised every day, come rain or shine.

There are plenty of to take your best pal on, and this could be a really fun way of mixing up their daily walkies and keep them interested and energised. Make sure your dog explores all of his surroundings and spends time socialising with other dogs. You could even try some fun doggy sporting activities to support their wellbeing. This will set them up perfectly for an afternoon nap with their most beloved.

Watch their weight

Your four-legged pal needs to eat a healthy and well-balanced diet constantly. So, it’s important that you choose the best . Research into the specific number of daily meals required for your dogs breed and age, and if you’re unsure, speak to your vet for advice. They’ll be more than happy to help and advise and can also help to weigh your dog to maintain a healthy, balanced weight. Oh, and treats are a great addition to your dog’s diet as they can help with training but be careful not to overfeed these!

Don’t forget about grooming

There are some dogs that will require more grooming than others - Bichon Frise anyone? But it’s important to keep this as an important part of your pup’s routine. Regular brushing and combing helps to keep their coat in pristine shape, not to mention stops it from becoming matted, which is not fun for you or Fido. And a good old-fashioned doggy bath can help to keep your pals coat and paws super squeaky clean. Just make sure to use a when doing so.

Wash bedding regularly

You may have a super messy pup, but you should always ensure a nice clean bed for Fido to climb on into night after night, and day after day. Make sure to vacuum often to get rid of dog hairs and shake your pooch’s bedding outside at least every other day to get rid of dirt. If you have , ensure to wash these every week to keep them smelling fresh.

And the same rules apply for any other bedding you keep in the car or . Remember to wash bedding and towels that you keep in the car too.

Brush those Gnasher’s

Every dog owner loves a doggy kiss, but you don’t want to be put off by foul breath. And more to the point, you don’t want your dog’s dental care to slide. Tartar and plaque can lead to loose teeth, halitosis and receding gums.

So make sure you get hold of a good toothbrush () and for your pal and brush those teeth a couple of times a week - more if they have particularly stinky breath.


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