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Dog Grooming Products and 'Poo' Breeds

After years of cat ownership I am now considering welcoming a dog into my home. I have always wanted a Husky and now that I work from home, I feel that I would be able to care for a dog properly. I love to go for long walks and I run every day so the exercise regime would not be a problem. Dog hairs might be though, as my partner suffers from allergies and so my thoughts have turned to a different breed.

Dog Grooming

There is no doubt that a Husky would require an investment in many dog grooming products, at least in my house. I would have to try to keep stray hairs to a minimum which might prove impossible. Rather than the dog grooming products, or at least some of them, I am now thinking that a dog which doesn’t shed would be a better idea.

Cockapoos and Cavapoos

I recently met an adorable cockapoo. I had never heard of this breed but fell in love with these cute Cocker Spaniel/Poodle crosses immediately. I was very interested to hear that they do not shed, so don't require quite as many dog grooming products. I was also amused by the portmanteau name. I was even more amused to discover that my friend and neighbour is about to acquire a Cavapoo. Gosh how many poos are there?

Designer Dogs

Designer dogs are all the rage and it isn’t difficult to see why. Bred for desirable traits, these animals have instant appeal and some incredibly hilarious names. Well, I find them funny anyway. For instance, my neighbour’s previous dog was evidently a Sprollie. This is a spaniel/collie cross as if you couldn’t guess. She also introduced me to Cavachons which are rather appealing Cavalier King Charles Spaniel/Bichon Frise cross breeds.

In a mischievous moment I began contemplating the designer dogs that I would love to breed. These would possess the perfect genes for cuteness but also have the ideal parents to enable me to create some fabulous names for the new breeds. A ShihTpoo is a simply wonderful thought on every level! This would look a little bit like a Schnoodle and yes there is such a thing!

What about a Dogue de Poo which would be an enormous slobbering cutie or a Poomation if you fancy teddy bear looks but with spots. A Great Poo would be ideal if you are thinking big. We are already blessed with the fabulous Sproodle, Sprocker and Labradoodle so why not take things to the next level?

The Perfect Dog

But I digress. I haven’t even got a dog yet and I am talking about breeding. On a more serious note, I do think that a Cokcapoo is the perfect solution for my household. Adorable, friendly and requiring minimal grooming, a Cockapoo is clearly the right dog to enhance my life. Whether it would enhance my cat’s life is another question. I fear that no poo would be a good poo where he is concerned, designer or otherwise.


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