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Dog Grooming Do’s And Don'ts

If you want to groom your dog then there are some simple rules you should try and abide by. Get your dog to get used to the grooming process and looking fantastic by following some of these simple tips. There are some things you need to avoid if you want to groom your dog safely and make things as enjoyable as you can for them. Of course if you don’t want to do the grooming yourself you can take your dog to a dog groomer. However, you will still need to brush your dog regularly and give them the care and attention they need. Here are some helpful do’s and don’ts when it comes to grooming your dog.


Brush Your Dog Regularly

If your dog has a coat that needs to be brushed regularly then make sure you take the time to do it. Failing to do so can leave your dog’s coat in a terrible state, this makes them feel uncomfortable and very difficult to brush through. If you leave your dog’s hair to get very matted then they will have to endure the pain of having their hair brushed, and if the matting is severe they will have to have it clipped off. Some dog owners don’t like their dog’s hair to be clipped off, but if brushing out knots and tangles takes longer than 15 minutes then it is cruel to continue.

Brush Before Bathing

This is a very important rule to follow. If you don’t brush your dogs hair before the bath then any matts will be made much worse as it tightens them. It’s also a lot more difficult to get the shampoo into hair that hasn’t been brushed.

Get Nails Trimmed

Your dog’s nails will wear down naturally, but they will probably still need trimming regularly. Keep an eye on how long your dog’s nails are and cut them when they start to get too long. You can do this yourself or if your prefer you can get a vet or a groomer to do it.

Rinse Off Your Shampoo

If you leave any shampoo on your dog it can irritate their skin, so it is very important that you rinse off all the shampoo. Be methodical and check all the hard to reach areas. Common places people forget to check include the arm pits, tail and around the ears.

A Health Check

Grooming your dog presents the perfect opportunity to do a quick health check on your dog. You might spot things that you wouldn’t otherwise notice. Feel your dogs body to check for any unusual lumps or bumps and keep an eye out for anything whilst drying them.

Use The Correct Shampoo

Get some high quality Dog Shampoo. Do not use human shampoo as it can contain ingredients that could be harmful to your dog’s skin.

Start Your Dog Young

If you want to get your dog used to the grooming process then make sure you start them young. They need to feel comfortable with being bathed and get used to sounds like the hair dryer and clippers. The later you start the harder it will be to groom your dog. Start when they are a puppy by giving them a simple bath and brush.

Choose The Correct Brush

There are lots of different types of brushes for dogs with different coats. Make sure you buy the correct brush for your dog.


  • Allow water to get into your dog’s ear canal
  • Leave shampoo on your dog
  • Brush a wet coat
  • Leave your dog unattended while grooming
  • Tug hard when brushing/combing
  • Forget to cut their nails
  • Hold their limbs awkwardly
  • Forget to brush out the undercoat if your dog has a double coat
  • Blow the dryer in your dog’s face
  • Get Shampoo in their eyes and ears
  • Leave too long between grooms


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