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Dog Goes Crazy at Cats and Horrific Dog Dungeon Discover

Many dogs love to chase cats and news has emerged that there is at least one pooch who likes to chase people dressed as cats! There was an unfortunate incident on Broadway in New York recently. A service dog belonging to a member of the audience broke fee and ran on stage to chase a cast member during a performance of the musical Cats!

Pursuing Bombalurina

The dog got away from its owner and pursued the character Bombalurina, performed by actress Mackenzie Warren. The incident occurred during the opening number Jellicle Cat so the dog didn’t hang around! A spokesperson later confirmed what had happened but said that neither the character nor dog were injured during the episode. The performance was halted temporarily to capture the runaway pooch.

Quick Thinking Usher

Apparently, one of the ushers at the Neil Simon theatre moved quickly to intervene and was able to capture the dog and return it to its embarrassed owner. It was the first time in the history of Cats that a cast member had been chased by a dog! The performance continued without a hitch after
the pooch had been snaffled.

The record-breaking musical by Andrew Lloyd Weber will play its final Broadway show on December 30.

Stolen Dogs Rescued

A considerably more disturbing story has emerged from Horwich where two dogs were recently stolen from a stable. Owner Deniqua Westwood was distraught after her bull-mastiff Walter and blind St Bernard Betty were drugged and dragged from the stable in a wheelbarrow after dark. The theft had clearly been carefully planned. Deniqua promptly publicised the theft on social media and offered an impressive £20,000 reward for the safe return of her pets.

Dog Walkers Discover Missing Pets

A week later, two dog walkers contacted Deniqua to tip her off about the possible whereabouts of the dogs which they thought they had seen near Wigan. Deniqua was dubious as the location was 40 miles from her farm but travelled there to check things out. She was horrified to discover her dogs at a squalid house which she later described as a dog dungeon.

Grabbing the Dogs

When she arrived at the location she called out for the dogs but initially heard nothing. Just as she was about to leave she heard Walter barking. He then ran out of the farm followed by Betty. Deniqua was in state of panic in case there were people with the dogs. She jumped over a fence, grabbed them and quickly loaded them into her car. She later returned to the house with a friend whose dog had also been stolen.

She was shocked at what she saw when she revisited the abandoned farm. At the centre of the site there was a makeshift stable which was full of dog mess and heavily padlocked. Her pets had clearly managed to escape before being spotted by the dog walkers. The police were contacted about the incident but Deniqua has not been visited by any officers.


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