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Dog-friendly Alternatives To Festive Human Food

We’re all looking forward to the festivities with one thing on our minds: mouth-watering food. The Christmas period is one where all come together to fill our plates with whatever suits us best. Vegetarian, vegan or full-blown carnivore: all can enjoy.

It’s fair to say that your Fido friend shouldn’t be left out, either! Anyone who’s owned a dog is familiar with that faint scraping against your jeans as you gobble down some food. The tortured eyes looking up at you, just begging for a scrap.

Fortunately, there are easy ways to treat your dog this season. Let’s go over a few tips on how you can get them involved with recipes suited to them or by making simple alterations to your leftovers or ‘human food’!

Dog candy canes

A fun recipe to offer – just make sure your friends and family don’t accidentally dig in expecting a sweet standard treat. This is a great recipe choice for getting the kids involved – as the recipe states, there are quite a few steps but they’re simple and easily accomplished.

For the full recipe, provided by the Dog Treat Kitchen.

Your companion will be sure to thank you!

Festive leftover treats

There’s a sad fact behind all the festive consumption that occurs around this time of year: waste.

Most of us will be throwing away part of the food we cook, purchase and prepare. It’s a sorry state of affairs and is justifiably brought up every time December rolls by. Reducing waste is a responsibility we all share and it just so happens that your furry friend is a great way to cut down on the problem!

While this recipe is aimed at Thanksgiving (an American holiday), the key ingredients are so close to common Christmas fare that it's easy to get inspired or follow the recipe entirely. There are lots of dog-friendly snacks you can make from the leftover meat and veg.

. Your dog will thank you and you’ll be reducing food waste in the process – win-win.

Dog beer and

Alcohol is extremely dangerous for dogs, but there’s a safe alternative. You can now get beer and prosecco that’s safe for pooches. Now Fido can join in the Christmas toast too!

Doggy Xmas pud

Yup, you can get puddings that are made specially for dogs. If you’re feeling creative, you could of course make your own. But for ease, buy them online.

Carob chocolate treats

We all know the dangers of feeding a dog genuine chocolate, but were you aware there’s a safe alternative?

Carob beans are a naturally growing item that has a flavour profile exceptionally close to traditional milk chocolate. It’s grown from a tree and roasted to the desired darkness for ideal flavour.

People who don’t want to eat chocolate use it for themselves as a substitute – it’s great for those who suffer from allergic reactions. Edible as a powder or cooked into a chocolate chip type form, it’s popular the world over.

For your companion, try this great from Best Dog Treat Recipes.

Reusing the roast

As a final suggestion, it’s easy to make sure that your main courses are used up by simply passing the remaining portions over to your pet. A word of warning – no cooked bones. They are prone to splintering and can cause trouble for your pet. Most meats will go down a treat, of course, and vegetables are a healthy option they’ll love.

Avoid giving your pooch gravy as it’s very high in salt which isn’t good for them. And be sure not to overfeed your pooch over the festive period or they will quickly pile on the pounds. And only give them foods that are safe for dogs. If you’re unsure, check with your vet.

You can also get special raw hide Christmas dinners for dogs, which will no doubt put a smile on Fido’s face.


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