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Dog Collars and Overly Pampered Pooches

You might think that the wealthier suburbs of Los Angeles would be home to the world’s most pampered pooches. The rich and famous residents of Beverley Hills are notable for their excesses. Stars like Paris Hilton have lavished fortunes on their dogs but the excesses of Tinsel Town are now being rivalled by canine capers on the other side of the world.

Hong Kong

The Chinese territory of Hong Kong has gone doggie mad. This could be the result of the low birth rate. The people of Hong Kong have few children and so are focussing more of their attention on their pets. They need to lavish their affection on something, not to mention their often impressive disposable incomes. It is the dogs that have become the beneficiaries but perhaps not in a way about which they could really care less!

Designer Dog Collars and Canine Health Spas

Dog ownership has grown rapidly in Hong Kong but many of the animals are treated like status symbols or fashion accessories rather than animals. There has been a major boom in dog related businesses and residents can now get their hands on just about anything for their pets. This means that not only do the pooches of Hong Kong sport designer dog collars and a lot of bling, they also have their own designer clothes, health spas and upmarket restaurants! There are even funeral parlours for pets!

Pushchairs for Pooches

Whilst an investment in diamante Dog Collars or fancy dog coats might be understandable, the dog owners of the Far East have taken things to a whole new level. Dogs are having their coats died pink, are adorned with jewellery and are being wheeled about in their own pushchairs. These are not common or garden strollers or hand me downs from the kids. These are purpose built doggie transporters for heaven’s sake!

Clearly the animal’s need for and enjoyment of exercise is of no consequence. I am guessing that the dogs are less than amused about the ridiculous clothing too and couldn’t care less about the colour and style of their dog collars. They might well enjoy their trips to the specialist doggie bakeries to enjoy amazing cakes and treats but then they would probably equally enjoy a few dog biscuits.

Gone to the Dogs

The people of Hong Kong have clearly lost all sense of perspective. They are offering the treats and accessories that they value not the ones that their pets would really enjoy or benefit from. Dogs want attention, affection, exercise and the opportunity to play. They don’t need or want to be dressed in Prada and sparkly adornments whilst being pushed around in a blinged up stroller. They don’t care if their dog collar is Versace or their coat has been designed by Gucci.

Hopefully this madness will abate over time. Dogs are fabulous pets that provide an antidote to life’s excesses and should not be used as a vehicle to advertise them. Whatever next?


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