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Dog Christmas Stocking Ideas

It’s Christmas for our favourite furry friends too and even though they won’t understand the root of the celebrations, they’ll certainly notice all the excitement and be ready for a good time!

There’s no need to push the boat out with prezzies as there are plenty of small gifts you can get for Fido this Christmas.

1.Homemade Dog Treats

These Dog Treats are an awesome option for anyone with a little spare time, as they allow you to treat your pup, while knowing exactly what the ingredients are. Have a quick Google to find the right recipe for your pup (but just FYI - our pups love the addition of a little peanut butter!)

2.A dog-friendly Christmas pud

You've eaten your Christmas roast, and now it's time for the Christmas pudding. But poor Fido doesn't get to have any.

The raisin and alcohol in human Christmas puds are bad for dogs. But fear not, your dog can have their own

And if that doesn't appeal to their taste buds, get them this instead.

3.New Collar

With daily wear a pup’s Collar can get a little dishevelled; Christmas is a great chance for a spruce up! Check out this smart for the classy pooch!

4.New Tug-of-War Toy

A new rag Tug Toy is easy to make and a win for most pups we know! Gather your old towels, shirts or sweatshirts (making sure that they are ready to go to the land of pup) and cut them into strips. Then tie knots along the strips, before braiding the strips together. What a fab, free new toy!

5.A New Bed

A new spot to rest your weary head can be a perfect Christmas prezzie. Introduce this new Bed slowly as your pup may have developed quite a bond with his old, stinky one!

6.Doggy Booze!

No, we certainly are NOT condoning giving your dog alcohol but some companies have got on the celebration bandwagon and made some pup-friendly beers and proseccos! Try , a non-fizzy, non-alcoholic refreshing treat for your pooch.

7.Christmas Clothing

Everyone needs some festive attire, especially your furry centre-of-attention! We think this from Ancol is just the absolute cutest.

8.Frozen favourites

Take a clean ice tray and freeze some broth – chicken or beef work well – to make some treat ice cubes for your pup. Most dogs love an ice cube and a tasty flavoured one is bound to go down even better! Add a little diced veg or apple before you freeze and then decant into a plastic bag in the freezer. Readymade mouthfuls of treaty goodness from Santa!

9.Chew Stocking

Keep your pup busy all day with a fab . Including all sorts of chewy edibles, this treat is good for their gnashers too – what a bonus.

10.A Cuddly Companion

Whether a new toy is likely to last an hour or a lifetime, a new furry friend to add to your pup’s basket is a lovely treat, especially one that is festive-inspired like .


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