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Dog Carrier - Choosing the Right Car for Your Dog

No we don’t expect your dog to learn to drive! However, they may have to travel in your car. A dog friendly model is better for your dog and for you.
Travelling by car can be problematic both for the dog and for your vehicle. If you are not an experienced dog owner many of the potential issues with your vehicle may not be immediately apparent.


Safety is paramount and so it is vital that your dog is not able to disrupt you when you are driving or to seriously distract you. It is best that they are confined to a specified area of the vehicle so they cannot get close to you. Small dogs could jump into the foot well in front of you and prevent you from depressing the brake. Larger dogs could knock you off balance and obscure your view of the road.

It is safer if your dog does not travel in the passenger compartment and so hatchbacks and SUVs are the best choice. Small dogs can travel on the passenger seats but should be placed in a dog carrier so they cannot jump about.

Dog Carrier

Even if your own vehicle is dog friendly you may have to travel with your pet in other people’s cars from time to time. This means that it is worth investing in a Dog Crate for your pet. You can then travel in any vehicle knowing that they cannot leap about and disrupt the driver.


If you do decide to allow your dog to travel in the passenger compartment of your car then your seats are going to take a bashing and will get covered in hairs and dirt. For this reason leather upholstery is the best choice. Hairs will stick to fabric but are easy to remove from leather and leather is easier to wipe clean if there are accidents. Whatever type of upholstery you choose, you are likely to end up with a car that smells of your dog and this can impact its resale value. It really is best if you choose a vehicle in which your dog can travel in the cargo area.

Hatchbacks and SUVs

With this type of vehicle you can simply open up the back and your dog can jump straight in. SUVs with big rear windows are the best option as these afford your dog a great view as they travel which alleviates the boredom. The bigger your dog, the bigger the space you require to accommodate them comfortably. They will also be able to sit up in large SUVs and so will feel more comfortable on longer journeys. If your dog is aging or injured you may require a dog ramp so that they can get in and out more easily.

Some manufacturers offer specifically designed pet barriers for their models and these are a great investment. You can also purchase generic pet barriers and crates to ensure that your dog remains in the back of the vehicle.
Certain models have lower cargo bay floors than others which could be a consideration if your dog is struggling to get in and out or requires a lot of headroom. Some cargo bays are carpet free which makes keeping them clean much easier.

If you have a dog, particularly a large dog, then this should influence your choice of vehicle. The right car will be safer for you, more comfortable for your dog and a great deal more practical.


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