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A Very Special Vet

There have been several TV series about vets over the years but none more fascinating than The Supervet. If you haven’t seen it then you really should. The series showcases the work of Professor Noel Fitzpatrick who has pioneered incredible new orthopaedic treatments for animals. Patients at Fitzpatrick Referrals undergo surgical procedures previously reserved only for people.

Pioneering Surgery

Noel Fitzpatrick is best known for developing a number of world-firsts including synthetic cartilage transplant, limb prostheses, limb deformity correction and spinal disc replacement. Every episode of The Supervet shows terribly sick or injured cats and dogs given a new lease of life after cutting edge surgery. Dogs arrive looking for all the world as if they are going to lose a leg or have to be put down and then Noel performs a miracle and they are saved. What you don’t learn watching the programme is just how much these treatments cost.

Counting the Cost

I fear that most people could not afford the surgical procedures which Noel has pioneered. If owners don’t have insurance then they are out of luck. Noel Fitzpatrick is clearly a genius and his love for animals shines through every broadcast but he isn’t a charity. His practice, Fitzpatrick Referrals, features advanced equipment and facilities including a CT scanner and a hydrotherapy pool. This level of sophistication can’t come cheap and he has a staff of over 200 vets, nurses and administrators to pay.

A Place You Don’t Want to Visit

I would love to meet Noel as he is rather a captivating character but on the other hand I hope that I don’t ever have to go to Fitzpatrick Referrals. I wouldn’t want any of my pets to be terribly injured and I certainly wouldn’t want to be faced with one of his bills! I am quite happy to content myself with watching the heart-warming stories unfold on the programme. I also learn a lot by watching what goes on and not just from the medical treatments.

Dog Car Ramps

For instance, having never owned a dog, I wasn’t aware that you could get a dog ramp for your car. I kept seeing recovering animals on the programme climbing up ramps into their owners’ cars. I thought the dog car ramps must be special equipment belonging to the practice but no! You can actually buy dog ramps. Excellent!

Detecting Pain

I have also learnt some useful facts about dog behaviour. I don’t know why but I was fascinated to discover that good dogs, as opposed to snappy ones, lick their lips if you cause them pain. They do this rather than biting you. I walk my friend’s dog and this information could prove useful in detecting when the animal is in pain.

Start Saving

The Supervet is a programme which is primarily meant to be entertaining but it is also highly informative. If you have a treasured pet then it is a good watch, if only to learn more about your animal. The programme also provides a valuable insight into what is possible if your pet does become ill or seriously injured and could provide new hope. However, I would recommend that you start saving now if you think that your pet might benefit from what Noel Fitzpatrick can do.


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