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A guide to dog breeds

Why Are Some Dog breeds Popular?

When you head down to your local dog park, you will see many of the same dogs. Even though there are hundreds of dog breeds to choose from, many people end up picking the more popular dog breeds. Why do some dogs become more popular than others?

There are many different reasons for this, a lot of it is influenced by what we see in the media. You should choose a dog breed based on how well a breed suits your lifestyle, not by what you have heard from other people. Here are some reasons why some dogs are more popular than others.


One thing that influences the breeds that people go for is celebrities. When a well known celebrity is spotted with a new dog, there will be pictures in the papers. People see these pictures and are influenced by celebrity trends. Breeds can go in and out of fashion just as clothes do.

Negative press

Some breeds are made unpopular by negative news stories. Words get twisted and the media latches onto certain breeds, highlighting them as being dangerous. Consequently some breeds get an undeserved negative reputation.

Film and television

Dogs that are featured in film and television shows can instantly make a breed more popular. People see them as the stars of films or regularly pop up in a television show and end up deciding they want that particular breed. The successes of Game of Thrones for instance mean that Alaskan Husky puppies have soared! Why are some dog breeds popular? It’s because they can be associated with celebrity!

Crufts winners

Every year, the top three finalist breeds in Crufts receive a massive boost to their popularity. People see them on Crufts and appreciate that they have been picked out for a reason. Often after Crufts the winning breed will see an increase in people purchasing puppies.

Breed characteristics

Different dog breeds are bred for different purposes. Some breeds are more popular as pets because they is what they have been bred to be. Those who have been bred for a specific job tend to do well as working dogs. Breeds become popular and known for their desirable characteristics.


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