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Dog Bowls - Which Is Right For You?

It may not seem like the most exciting accessory that you need to buy for your pooch, but dog bowls are just as important as any other type of toy, food or lead. After all it is the place that they will be eating from and should be able to withstand daily use.

The type of dog bowl that you go for entirely depends on your dog and there are plenty out there on the market to choose from.

Having difficulty deciding which one is right for you? Let your friends at Time for Paws be your guide and show you which one is the best choice for your pooch!

Metal bowls

The most basic and standard dog bowl that you can buy. Metal bowls are ideal for dogs that eat both dry and wet food; easy to fill, easy to eat from and of course just as easy to clean at the end of the day. They are robust and will not scuff or chip and so do not harbour bacteria. You can see why they have remained popular even when there are newer models on the market.

Ceramic bowls

Moving on from the metal bowl we have ceramic bowls; they work much the same but come in a variety of pretty colours and patterns. Ideal for those who like to make sure that their pooch’s accessories look good!

Raised bowls

It seems that many bowls are all made to be the same height, fine for those smaller dogs but what about larger, taller dogs. Often they have to stoop down to reach their food and water which can cause them issues.

Enter the raised bowl. Lifted away from the floor on a pedestal these are ideal for large dog breeds. They come in a range of different heights to fit the breed and are made to be sturdy and stand tall.

Travel bowls

Dog bowls are not just for home, you will often need to remember to have one to hand whilst you are out and about.

When it comes to travel bowls you have almost as much choice as you do in the ones that you use at home. Folding, non-spill and even bowls that can be hung up in the boot; all of these are available for you to take with you no matter where you go!

When bowls meet gadgets

It seems that just like other things in our lives, the dog bowl has had a bit of a technological upgrade.

Automatic dog feeders are one of the biggest examples of this; ideal for those who are out during the day and want to limit how much food their dog has access to, you can pop food and water in these feeders and let the gadget work its wonders!

So when it comes to picking a dog bowl out for your new pup (or old pup) forget the dull and uninteresting. Instead come and have a look through the bowls that we have at Time for Paws and see just how exciting a bowl can be!


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