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Behavioural Problems in Dogs and how you can cause them

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You may be unknowingly causing behavioural issues by spoiling your dog too much. Dogs need clear rules and boundaries in order to know how to behave. If they are not given this, they won’t know what is deemed acceptable behaviour.

It’s obviously fine to spoil your dog every now and then, to give them a Tasty treat, toy or gift every now and then. We all want our dogs to be happy. It’s those owners who spoil their dog on a daily basis and basically let them do what they want that are likely to face behavioural issues. Here are some ways in which spoiling your dog too much can cause behavioural problems.

They think they rule the house

If you spoil your dog too much they may think they own the place, and see themselves as higher up in the pecking order than they should be. This can cause lots of different issues including guarding and destructive behaviour.

They value their owners too highly

Dogs that are showered with love, treats, walks and Dog Food by their owners will value them exceptionally highly. Your dog may start to value you too highly if you spoil them too much, and they could develop severe separation anxiety or become very protective over you.

They don’t know right from wrong

How is your dog supposed to know right from wrong if they have been allowed to do whatever they want? They just won’t understand how to behave if you spoil them too much.

Too many treats can impact their behaviour

Spoiling your dog by feeding them too many treats can also have an impact on how their behave. It can make them over excited and hyperactive.

They have very high expectations

A dog that is far too spoiled will have very high expectations. Then when behavioural problems occur and you have to take some of their luxurious away from them, they won’t be happy about it. For example if a dog is used to a certain amount of treats they will keep begging for more until their owner gives in.


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