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A Home Fit for Doggy Royalty

How far would you go to modify your home to suit your pooch? For most dog owners the concept of adapting their home might extend to fitting a dog flap or creating a special corner for the dog bed. Accommodating dog beds aside, most owners do little. But what if you had a really generous budget? How extravagant
would you be in enhancing your home to suit your dog?

California Dreaming

Californian dog lover David Duffield went the full nine yards! He was moving his family from Lake Tahoe to a new home 30 miles east of San Francisco. His new property had been designed and built to his specifications and featured a dog spa!

Dog Beds and a Dog Park

The new dog spa included a grooming area and space for two Dog Beds. In the gardens there was family dog park suitable for dogs of all sizes to have fun. The park was constructed complete with two paw washing stations!
If this sounds like your sort of pad then you are in luck because the house is now up for sale. The only stumbling block might be the price tag of $39 million.

For the Humans

The stunning Californian estate is a paradise for humans as well as for dogs. The 20,467 square-foot house is called "Fieldhaven" and it is built in the style of an English stately home. It offers a teen lounge, a treehouse and a 14 seat cinema. There is a generous swimming pool, stunning grounds and all the living accommodation that you and a small army could ever need. The property took 200 builders three years to complete and it is the most expensive house currently listed in the county. You don’t say!

Doggy Charity

The Duffield family have now returned to Lake Tahoe and wish to sell the house. The proceeds of the sale will be donated to an animal charity. Maddie’s Fund was established in honour of Duffield’s miniature schnauzer which died in 1997. That dog must have a pampered existence!

From Humble Beginnings

David Duffield is a dog lover who can afford to be generous. He currently boasts a net worth of $6 billion which he earned from building two successful corporations - PeopleSoft and Workday. He sold PeopleSoft for £10.7 billion having had to mortgage his home to start the business. He has donated more than $300 million to Maddie’s Fund and says that he plans to leave his fortune to charity rather than to his 10 children. I bet they are happy!

So there you have it. If you happen to have a few million stashed away then there is no limit to what you can provide for your dog. Most people don’t enjoy the benefit of a spa but nothing is too much for the pampered pooch of a billionaire. A new dog bowl and a fancy collar seem like a poor effort in comparison! Oh well, what can you do?


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