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Dog Allergies - What To Do

It’s not just humans that are affected by allergies, be it hay fever or something within our own homes, our precious fur angels can be left feeling worse for wear when their allergies flare.

But don’t worry, we can protect our beloved; before you know it you and Fido will be frolicking in meadows under the summer sun.

Know the symptoms

Allergies can present in many ways, depending on the cause and like many illnesses, symptoms are incredibly personal to each and every one of us – including our animal companions.

The common symptom is itching, is Fido chewing on his nails or skin? Is he doing that cute bum scoot across your clean floors? Is he turning his tiny paw into a turbocharged scratcher? Get it checked!

Other symptoms can present as sore areas (known as hot spots), change in bowel movements, vomiting, change in behavior and much more. Serious complications can cause seizures and failure of the organs – so don’t let it fester.

Don’t put off a trip to the vets

It can be very easy to just wait and see if little Fido’s symptoms will ease on their own; it is human nature to carry on. But remember that little Fido can’t tell you how much pain he is in or where it hurts – talk to a vet before treating your darling pup at home.

Find the cause of the allergy

Little Fido may be jumping for joy when you say that magic word, but he’s not immune to the elements such as grass, weeds wood, pollen and even things inside your home like dust, mold or the cleaning tools you use!

Other causes can be things such as the food Fido is eating or that monthly de-flea that he goes extra lengths to avoid.

Find the right treatment

A vet may prescribe a steroid, vaccine, antihistamine or even special bath wash to help sooth that intolerable itch, these usually work incredibly fast and you’ll see Fido back to his usual mischievous self in no time – but if not, go back to the vet as there are always more options and their only goal is to help your fur baby be happy.

There are plenty of items that you can have around in your home to benefit little Fido and prevent a future allergic reaction or sooth the current.

Environmental treatments are as simple as maintaining your home, invest in a dehumidifier for damp and leave windows open for at least 10 minutes a day. Make sure to remove mold the correct way and be very wary of the cleaning chemicals that you use around the home.

For the outdoor elements, speak to a vet about medication and don’t forget to keep on top of Fido’s !

Food treatments will usually mean a change in the diet and learning the cause, to refine this you may need to speak to a vet. You can find special food for dogs with more sensitive stomachs, provides a range for all Fido’s needs.

To sooth Fido’s skin and keep him feeling like the good dog he is, there are a range of treatments available. From , to and , Fido can be assured that pain is a thing of the past and you can finally catch up on that missed sleep.


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