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Does your dog stop you from taking a holiday?

I always thought that dog owners were ridiculous when they said they wouldn’t take a holiday because they didn’t like leaving their dogs – until I got my own dogs!

I now have to admit that I hate leaving my dogs for even a day and wherever I go, I spend most of my time wondering if the dogs are OK. On a recent flight, I couldn’t help worrying that my dogs would think I had abandoned them and I have started wondering if I should ditch my proposed trip to Florida. Maybe I should choose a destination which would enable me to take the dogs with me? But that would rather limit my options. What a conundrum!

Kennels, dog walkers and family

Of course, I am being ridiculous! My dogs have been perfectly fine when looked after by relatives or my dog walker. They didn’t seem unduly disturbed when they spent 10 days in kennels when I had the audacity to go skiing. Indeed, within a few minutes of returning home, it was like those 10 days had never happened.

Most dogs won’t relish a trip to the kennels but won’t be unduly disturbed by it either. I think it helps if they have their first spell away when they are puppies. But some dogs are highly strung and can suffer from terrible separation anxiety. If mine seemed upset by my trips I couldn’t bear it and would have to take them with me.

Dreaming of Croatia

I love visiting the gorgeous Croatian coast and have been trying to think of ways to get the dogs there. It’s a very long drive and would involve two overnight stops so I would have to find pet friendly accommodation on route. It will be difficult to find pet friendly accommodation in the resorts too. But the dogs would adore that crystal clear blue sea and taking walks in the hills above the Adriatic. I might have to invest in a pair of pet passports for the pooches and start planning my trip!

Pet Passports

European holidays are certainly a possibility now that we have the pet passport scheme but this comes with various complications. I am starting to wonder if a motor home would be a good investment as it would at least mean that I wouldn’t have to search for accommodation where dogs are welcomed. The dogs could travel comfortably in the back when I am on the road and I think they would rather enjoy the adventure.

All I have to do is accumulate the funds to buy the motorhome and I will be able to comfort myself thinking about the savings I am making on kennel fees!

There is no doubt about it, dog ownership changes your attitude to holidays. The world is shrinking but not to the extent that you can easily take dogs anywhere. Do you take your dogs on holiday? Where have you managed to take them and what problems did you encounter?


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