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Do We Always Stick With The Pets We Grew Up With?


Dog people, cat people, lizard people even! How much has your childhood contributed to your choice of a pet as an adult? It’s an interesting subject. Let’s look into it.

Parent’s Choice

Many of us grew up with loving pets that were chosen entirely by our parents. Whether it’s the venerable house cat who is ever-temperamental or the adorable golden with a big heart, those memories are lodged in our minds forever.


It’s easy to see, then, that many adults stick to the pets their household had in their youth. The

preference can develop over time, with many adult owners staying with a certain breed out of fond memories of companions now passed. They might also be recalling fond mannerisms; something dogs are known to do for us humans!

It’s also a practical choice. Especially with dogs, experience with a certain breed can help you

manage the relationship with a new pet of the same. This can be a particular benefit for adults who are starting new families; being able to reasonably predict how a dog will act around children can help keep stress and worry to a minimum!


Branching Out

With that said, there are benefits to branching out with the next companion you choose. It’s a great opportunity to enjoy a fresh and unique bond with a new, distinctive animal.

Just as staying with a pet has its benefits, so too does picking a different breed or species. With your childhood understanding of how a certain animal behaves in the house, you can do your research and select a new animal that fits your adult schedule and lifestyle.

For some, this can mean a breed of dog that is even more intensive and involved than before. If you have grown to be a very active person, the joys of a dog that can match your pace on excursions and exercise are wonderful. For those with a more sedate and relaxed way of living, it’s a chance to change to an animal like a cat which requires less manual involvement.


Making the Right Choice

Time for a new friend in the house and family? You’d best do your research!

Deciding on what is best for you is a serious concern; nobody wants to go through the stress of changing their minds after they made their initial choice.

We mentioned activity levels in the last section. This should be your first concern before going any further; how much time in the day do you have free to spend on exercising and managing your pet? Will you enjoy regular walks as much as your new friend?

Beyond this, you’ll want to consider cost. Some breeds of dogs can have staggering bills. These can vary from health complications due to selective breeding over the years or even their diet. Many an unfortunate owner has learned this the hard way. Even smaller pets can be guilty of this – bearded dragons can be startlingly expensive to maintain!

It’s an exciting time, to be sure. With a little responsible research and care in your decision, you’ll have a new friend to accompany you in the next chapter of your life.


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