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Don’t Forget Your Dog On New Year’s Eve

Don’t Forget Your Dog On New Year’s Eve

We are often so excited and busy making plans for New Year’s Eve that we forget about our beloved dogs, who sometimes suffer while we celebrate. It’s important that we plan the day and evening for our dogs too. Here are some helpful tips for dog owners and things to keep in mind on New Year’s Eve.  


  1. Always have a dog sitter that you trust and can rely on. Make sure they have a good reputation and are insured for dog sitting. If you plan to leave your dog alone for the majority of New Year’s Eve, then you might want to get a dog sitter to look after them.
  1. If you’re not going to use a dog sitter because you are celebrating at home, there are still things you can do to help your dog. Fireworks often go off on NYE, so you will need to make sure your dog is as relaxed and as comfortable as possible. Provide them with a long walk and plenty of exercise so they are more likely to be calmer in the evening.
  1. If you’re planning a party, make a den in a quiet room to keep your dog away from all the noisy people and the loud music. If your dog gets overwhelmed by a lot of people and startled by noise you might want to leave them with a dog sitter overnight.
  1. Find ways to keep your dog busy and entertained on New Year’s Eve. Get them a bone or a new to keep them occupied while you celebrate.
  1. Frequently check on your dog to make sure they are comfortable. If you have a dog who is relaxed around groups of people, you can let your dog out every now and then to allow them to socialise, making sure they are supervised at all times.
  1. If your dog is getting stressed during the celebrations try some such as an
  1. Make sure no one leaves any alcohol, chocolate or unwanted food about that your dog can scavenge. Alcohol and chocolate are very poisonous to dogs. Ask guests not to feed your dog and keep all food out of reach.
  1. Make sure no guests leave doors open for your dog to escape through, as they may get startled by the fireworks and run off.
  1. If all the celebrations get too much for your dog it would be a good idea to get you or a family member to walk your dog round the block (before any fireworks).
  1. Some dogs are very laid back and may not mind a party where they are surrounded by lots of people. However, other dogs might not appreciate having lots of rowdy people around. Keep an eye on your dog throughout the night. It’s important to notice any signs of stress such as excessive panting, whining and shaking.


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