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Don’t Forget About Fido This Christmas


You’ve hung your mistletoe up, put all the presents under the tree (or maybe Santa did), now it’s time to enjoy the festivities. But, during the busy holiday season, spare a thought for Fido. Your pooch doesn’t understand the magic of Christmas, other than perhaps anticipating a few more treats this time of year.

Though they may get some Christmas presents, a lot of dogs get ignored a lot over Christmas. However, it’s important to keep an eye on your pooch and give them some attention. Otherwise they might act out or get themselves into trouble. All those presents sitting under the tree are merely potential new chew toys for your pooch, especially if they are a young pup.


Keep an eye on Fido

Whilst juggling cooking the Christmas turkey and rounding up all the family for the celebrations, it’s so easy to leave your dog unattended. Remember to keep an eye on them and make sure they stay away from things they shouldn’t get their paws on. Like some of the foods we eat over Christmas that might be dangerous to them.

Chocolate often causes dog owners a lot of problems over Xmas. Unless you want to make an emergency dash to the vets, keep it out of reach. Do keep in mind that some Christmas decorations can be hazardous too, such as tinsel which they can get caught up in, or fairy lights.


Mobile phones

With lots of online shopping to do, and the urge to put that shot of you in your Xmas jumper on Insta, it’s easy to get distracted. Don’t spend hours on end browsing stuff on your phone, when poor Fido is sat there in a huff twiddling his paws.


Involve your dog in the Xmas celebrations

Your dog can take part in the fun too! There’s no reason for them to be confined to their bed all day long. Take Fido out for a refreshing Christmas day walk. You might even want to prepare them their very own dog friendly Xmas dinner.

Keep in mind that whilst everyone else is entertained with their new presents and the excitement of Christmas, your dog can easily get bored. Try and make a bit of time to play with them over Christmas, or buy them some extra special festive toys to keep them occupied.


Don’t forget to treat Fido this Christmas

We’ve got a huge selection of fab gifts for lucky pooches. There’s no reason why Fido can’t do some of the things us humans do on Christmas day, like open presents and enjoy searching for treats in their very own stocking.


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