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Do I really need to give my dog a bath?

Every dog owner knows they should do it regularly but if they are honest, most people don’t like doing it. This added to the fact that most dogs don’t really enjoy it either can really make it seem like a chore. However bathing your dog regularly is very important. It is relatively easy to know when to bathe your dog. It is clear if your dog looks very dirty and or is exceptionally smelly then it is probably time to give them a bath. It is difficult to give a general guide as to how many times to bath a dog, but as a rule of thumb a minimum of 1 or 2 baths a month for your average dog who has exercise but not overly energetic. However if you have a very active hardworking dog who has lots of exercise then more will be required.       

It can be said that you can reduce the amount of baths a dog needs simply by making sure you brush your dog regularly. This will remove excess hair, dirt and generally improve your dogs appearance. However when your dog decides to jump in that muddy puddle and roll around, a wash is a must.

It is probably best to bathe your dog in the bath or kitchen sink, depending of course on the size of your dog. It is also best to use a specially designed dog shampoo. These pet products are purposely designed for dogs and will work better than using human shampoo. There are many different types of shampoo available including anti-tangle, velvet coat, deodorant and tea tree shampoo. These products are designed to work with your dogs coat and improve condition. Another benefit of bathing your dog is that it enables you to notice any injuries such as cuts and scratches. It is not a good idea to wash your dog outside in cold conditions, where your dog can get very cold, uncomfortable and generally dislike the whole situation. However in the summer washing outside is perfectly fine.

As mentioned above it is a good idea to make sure you brush your dog before bathing. This will ensure all knots and kinks in your dogs coat are removed. It is a lot easier to do this before bathing than afterwards. It is also important to remember to be soft and gentle with your dog. They will find the whole situation less stressful and so will you. When you have finished washing your dog, it is a good idea to dry them with a towel quickly.

The more regularly you wash your dog the more relaxed they will become at bath time. It is also a good idea to get into a routine of bathing your dog regularly.


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