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Different Ways Of Drying Your Dog

Through the winter there are plenty of times when your dog will come home wet and muddy. Every time your dog gets really wet you need to dry them properly when you get home to prevent them from getting a chill. Also, if you bath your dog regularly it’s useful to know the different ways you can dry them, and the tools that can help you do it more efficiently. If it’s a warm sunny day then you can always let them dry naturally outside, but in most cases it’s best to dry your dog properly after washing them.


The first thing you need to do is dry your dog as thoroughly as you can with a towel. This will not get them completely dry but it will get rid of most of the excess water.

Easi Dri Towel

These dog towels are far better than normal towels, they are ultra absorbent and can reduce grooming time by up to 60%. You will really notice the difference when you try one of these fast acting towels that soak up a lot of water.

Hair Dryer

You can use a hair dryer to dry your dog but you must take precautions. Use it on a cool setting and don’t dry too close to your dog’s skin. You also need to be careful not to scare your dog or blow the hair dryer directly into their face. This could make them fearful of the hair dryer and cause ongoing issues. Be patient and put it on a low power setting.


Blasters are industrial dog grooming dryers that are normally used in grooming salons. They are much more powerful than hair dryers and can be used to blast out dead hair from your dog’s coat. Do not use one without getting advice or training from a professional.


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