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Different Types of Dog Leads to Stop Pulling

Leads or leashes are an important part of a dog’s everyday walking and training life. As well as Dog training Leads, there are also leads that can prevent Fido from dragging you down the road. Getting the right lead can make a huge impact on the quality of your dog walks. You want a lead that’s both comfortable for you and your beloved pooch.

When choosing a , owners should consider that there are a variety that works best with different types of dogs. Below are the different types of leads that can help stop pulling:

Standard Lead

This is a basic and a “staple” lead that is made of either nylon, leather or rope. Because of its limited length, it gives the owner total control of the dog’s walking distance which is great for training.

The Ancol Heritage Padded Nylon Lead has a breathable lining at the handle for easier grip. It
also comes in different colors, patterns and widths with a length from 1 to 1.8M.

Rope leads are becoming popular nowadays for their strong and chunky line. The Ancol Nylon Rope lead being one of them comes in variety of colors and sizes, able to fit the owner’s fashion preference.

Chain Lead

Chain Leads are great for dogs who love to chew almost everything. They also act similar to a standard lead with limited line length. The has a distance of 90 cm, it also has a soft, leather handle for easy grip which comes in different colors so owners can mix and match with their dog’s collar. This is advisable for dogs up to 50kg only.

Slip Lead

This type of lead slips on the dogs’ neck which acts as both the collar and the line. Usually used by trainers for training and/or groomers for dog retrieval.

The has a leather keeper which keeps the collar formed fixed in its place. It also comes in other colors and sizes with a maximum dog weight of 50kg.

Extendable Lead

Extendable or Retractable leads are packed in a plastic box with a thumb brake to easily control the distance of the line. It allows dogs to have freedom over where they want to go if their owners allow them to.

Different Types of Dog Leads to Stop Pulling

A type of this is the that has a line distance of 5m. This lead’s tape (or line) also retracts which prevents from getting caught with other pet’s leashes or people’s

Halti All-In-One Lead

This new type of lead is very versatile as it can be used as a regular lead, a belt or a tether. Mostly recommended for already trained dogs who already know how to walk properly with their owner.

The Halti All-in-one Lead is a great item for those who always have their hands full. It comes with a scotchlite reflective strip for visible walking in dark areas. The line has a stretchy part to absorb shocks if the dog suddenly pulled.


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