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Different types of dog beds

There are many different types and style of beds suitable for dogs and it is important that you buy one which your dog feels comfortable in. Dogs love human companionship and would sleep in a human bed all the time if they could, but this is not always feasible or practical.

Firstly, ensure that your dog bed is large enough. Your dog may want to move around, change position and stretch out so do not have one that is too small. If choosing a plastic, oval bed it is a good idea to place a blanket or cushion in the bed as this will add warmth and a layer of comfort for you dog. Plastic beds can be cleaned out and the covers washed separately.

If you want to spoil your canine friend more, then you can buy cushioned beds such as an Ancol bed. Their Timberwolf range consist of warm duvets with a faux suede covering which provides a much higher level of warmth and comfort for you dog. These are often stain resistant but can be machine washed, although may take longer to dry so take this into consideration.

Another luxurious option is to provide your dog with a waterproof bed. Advantages of these are that they are easy to carry around in the boot of your car and the covers can be removed for easier washing. These often come in a wide variety of colours and patterns and do not look like an obvious dog bed, meaning that they won't look out place in any kitchen or home.

Where to keep the dog bed is up to the individual dog owner. Kitchens are the obvious choice. Make sure that there is a set place for the bed, do not move it around too much as this will prevent your dog from getting into a routine. Also remember to be patient. If introducing a dog to a new bed, do not be concerned if they do not take to it immediately. Dogs like familiarity and will soon become accustomed to their new bed, as long as you are firm with them.


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