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Different Types Of Chews You Can Give Your Dog

Did you know that our furry friends can suffer from gum disease and plaque build-up, just like humans? It can be just as uncomfortable and dangerous for dogs as it is to us. We all know the stress of an emergency dentist appointment, so we don’t want that for our precious pets. Dental hygiene is extremely important, even vital for overall good health – a vet will say the same thing! Plus, getting some dental work done on your pooch can be uber expensive.

Though it is good practice to brush your dog’s teeth, there are other ways to keep your dog’s teeth and gums healthy - like giving them chews for example. Chewing certain items allows the teeth to be free of plaque, prevent bleeding gums and eliminate that all delightful doggy breath – it’s beneficial to a dog’s long-term health and can prevent illness in the future. Doesn’t your little angel deserve beautiful pearly whites, for that killer smile?

There are many different types of dog chews out there on the market today. It seems there is something for each dog, they are really spoilt for choice. has an extensive collection of toys tailored for each breed of man’s best friend, at great prices too!

The Dog Treat

An easy but effective chew for your dog, is your bog-standard treat, which your furry friend will be more than grateful to receive. Dog Chew treats are perfect for the smaller dog dress and a safe option. Dogs go bonkers for these healthy treats, a good option for this is Greenies Dental Treats – they are not only effective in maintaining dental hygiene but they are also free of the nasties, it is truly a guilt free option for the health-conscious owner.

The Raw Hide

For the larger dog breed with big knashers, a good traditional raw hide could be the best option. Not only does this provide hours on entertainment for your dog but it also makes sure to keep those K-9’s sparkling. Before you know it, your little angel will be parading its raw hide around the house like a prize. Try the Farm Foods Impressed Raw Hide for a cost effective and well received chew for your best friend.

The Antlers

If you are worried about splinters from bones or a lack of minerals and nutrition. Antlers are a great way forward for a medium to large dog. Antlers are environmentally friendly, cheap and a long-lasting treat that will surely leave your dog with a picture-perfect smile. Farm Foods Antlers are worth checking out for a reliable option.


Sometimes owners cannot stand the thought of having bones in the house but fear not. Have you considered Nylabones? They may not be edible but they work as both a great plaque remover as well as a toy which your dog will surely treasure. Nylabone provides options for all sizes of dogs, no K-9 is left behind here.

No matter what path you chose, make sure that your dog doesn’t go a day without maintaining those valuable molars.


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