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Different Types Of Bedding For Your Horse

As a horse owner you need to make sure you provide adequate bedding and a comfortable living environment for your horse. Bedding is very important because it keeps your horse warm, dry and clean. Horses need a comfortable place to relax and feel safe.

It’s sometimes a challenge to select the right bedding for your horse. Partly because there are a few different options and also because you need to cater to your horse's individual needs. Some horses with allergies have very special requirements when it comes to bedding. You also need to be able to store and dispose of your chosen bedding easily. There is also a price difference when it comes to different types of bedding so you need to select something that is within your budget.

It’s crucial that you keep your stables nice and clean. This means mucking them out regularly and keeping on top of any maintenance that is needed. Never leave wet bedding once you discover it, clear it away as soon as possible. Once you have removed all the waste you should put down fresh bedding for your horse. You will need to use a disinfectant to get rid of any germs and make sure all equipment is put away safely.

You can try a few different types of bedding to see which one is best for you and your horse. You might find certain bedding easier to distribute and dispose of. Here are some of the different types of bedding you can get for your horse.

Wood Shavings

Wood shavings are easy to store and fairly straightforward to muck out. If you are unable to burn them they can be quite a challenge to dispose of. Check out wood shavings on our website here

Hemp Bedding

Hemp can be used to create a deep litter bed and it is soft and comfortable. It is also dust free and absorbent. Hemp is generally a little more expensive. It’s made from the centre of the hemp plant and is very high quality. Take a look at some hemp bedding here


Straw is a fairly economical and it looks good too. However it can be a bit more messy and a challenge to dispose of. Some horses also like to eat it and can be allergic to straw. Straw is probably the most common type of bedding used. Buy chopped rape straw online today

Ecobale Cardboard

Ecobale cardboard is a fantastic eco friendly type of bedding that is clean and healthy for your horse. It’s also very comfortable and absorbent. Find out more about Ecobale Cardboard bedding here


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